Yet another interview: Is Rob Bell a Universalist?


Here’s another Bell interview, with … iversalist


Yeah, we do. :unamused:

My, my. He sounds much more conservative and hopeless about people who have died than I at first thought!

This man is confusing.


I think he’s more of a hopeful universalist, than certain about UR. And it’s likely that he doesn’t want to come to a place of certainty and settledness on the issue, but rather seems to enjoy the tension and the journey. Of course, repentance and reconciliation in the afterlife is not a major theme in scripture, but evidence of such is there.


:sunglasses: After reading this, I’m very tempted to change my vote from “hopefully” to “confident”. I reckon he is confident, just being very wise by not letting people pin any non-evangelical universalisms on him, and write him off more than they have. If I was a betting man, I would bet on him, in say 10 years time, coming out as a “confident”.

:confused: Seriously??? Someone took a camera into heaven, videoed it and came back!? :open_mouth:



Sometimes no comment seems ironic enough. :wink: