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So what are you seeking, in ways of opinion? Is this “fake news”, like President Trump and the Trumpeters, say of news stories regarding him? Your Yahoo story headline is “DOJ Sues Hobby Lobby For Smuggling Ancient Iraqi Artifacts”. It’s also into today’s BBC news:

Hobby Lobby: Christian firm’s artefact smuggling case settled

So it’s probably real news.

Or are you asking about the theological and philosophical ethical considerations? I feel a Christian firm, should obey the laws of the land. In this case, it’s the laws of Iraq and the US. Maybe the firm’s motives might be pure. To save Christian artifacts from extension. To be honest, I haven’t yet read either story. But they are breaking, man made laws. And there might also be theological and philosophical, ethical considerations.

P.S. As a side topic, I shared this marketing article on Twitter today:

5 Uncomfortable Things That Will Make You More Successful

What’s interesting to note, is that they include a GIF for each point :exclamation: :smiley:



You can say I’m looking for both personal opinion and Theological implications.


It’s a real story. Not only did I see it on the BBC. But also on the CBS TV news tonight. Let’s return to the BBC news story:

Hobby Lobby: Christian firm’s artefact smuggling case settled

It’s like the old saying:

It could be (and probably is), is that Hobby Lobby wasn’t careful. It’s like me buying a used car. Well, I would look for the Kelly, Blue book price. And take it to a trusted mechanic, for a checkup and professional opinion. And run the vehicle, through a service like Car Fax. See what accidents it was in, etc. So I work with the “proper experts” and do my “due diligence”.

Or I’m buying a house. I would depend on a lawyer, to insure all the paperwork - was in order. A building inspector - to insure nothing was wrong. Etc.

Same with buying these “priceless objects”. I would consult the “proper experts”. And take “all necessary steps”. To insure I’m not buying “stolen goods”. If Hobby Lobby had done this…and documented the process - guess what? There would NOT have been a court case and a “hefty” 3 million dollar fine. As well as the expensive attorney fees…to both defend them and work out a settlement.


Do you think this will hurt them in the long run? Also do you see a long term backlash against Christians due to this?

Oh and I say they should skip the middle man and start doing tomb raiding like Indiana Jones and Lara Croft :smiley:


I don’t see a backlash against Christians. After all, it’s NOT Muslim artifacts they are purchasing.

Hobby Lobby probably has hired, a good Public Relations firm (or is already using one). They should weather the storm - with no problem