23 Minutes in Hell


I’ve recently been thinking about various people’s experiences of Hell. For example, I just heard on the History Channel a discussion on the sin of anger. A now pastor shared how he was an angry, ragefilled man, an atheist, who apparently died momentarily in the hospital while recovering from surgery for a perferated intestine. In a semi-conscious vision-type state he found himself walking through the hospital asking for directions. Some people led him to a place that suddenly changed into Hell where he was beaten and beaten. Words could not describe how terrible the experience was. In the midst of this he cried out to God for help. A light appeared, delivered him, and he found himself waking in the hospital, alive. There are many people that have had similar experiences.

And of course, Bill Weise shares his vision of Hell in his book/video “23 Minutes in Hell”. I’ve briefly paroused his book, but my son is actually doing an indepth study based on the video. As I’ve been studying UR and Hell, I’ve shared my studies with family and friends and it has stirred up much opposition to me. In this process, a couple of family members have taken various actions to oppose, correct me, including talking with my wife and children, encouraging them to disregard what I share with them. Anyhow, my relative actually bought the book/video and gave it to my wife and children. Though that was disrespectful of me, I realize the person only means well, though misguided. I also do not mind my children wrestling through such issues for themselves.

Anyhow, I was thinking of buying the book/video and going through it myself, so I’m glad to have a copy. My son though is into it already, looking up and studying each verse Weise shares to support his interpretation of his vision of Hell. My son has already found that over 80% of the scriptures that he quotes say nothing of Hell, but of the results of sin in this life. And yet Weise quotes these scriptures as support for his interpretation of his vision, that it assured Hell, endless torment for unbelievers.

As I’ve thought through his flagrant misuse of scripture, I’ve come to believe that these visions of Hell are not visions of what will be, but visions of what are. There are currently people who are separated from the love of God, from relationship with God, and oppressed by all manner of evil forces from within and without - the most destructive of which are “within”. People are being harrassed, tortured by demons of their own manking and the making of those around them - emotional, psychological, and spiritual patterns of life that are very destructive to themselves and all who know them.

I believe that Weise did recieve that vision from the Lord, but instead of interpreting the vision through the lens of correct interpretation of scripture, he misinterprets scripture through the lens of his vision and his assumed interpretation that is based on his religious traditions.

It’s interesting that people who have had such visions often become pastors or evangelists, though they were not such before. Such visions often bring people to repentance and life in Christ, even coming back from the dead saved. The experience for them was certainly remedial, working in them faith in God and a freedom from besetting sins. It’s amazing that they then do not even consider that such an experience would bring everyone to faith in God and freedom from sin.

So, what are your thoughts on such experiences?


I think I actually watched the video you’re speaking of in the first part of your post. Very moving. Is it the one where the demons tear him to shreds, and he ends up laying helpless on the ground and can only sing ‘Jesus loves me’? Then a light appears and he sees his insides everywhere and people scattered on the ground in the same fashion as far as he can see? It’s an amazing story. Is he not a believer in UR? I thought it was intriguing testimony for UR when I saw it.

I did find a really compelling and inspirational book at the library some years back called Beyond the Darkness: My Near Death Journey to the Edge of Hell and Back by Angie Fenimore. I don’t think it ever specifically insinuated UR, but the author was saved from hell, and much of what she writes is very revolutionary theology, much of which expressed things I felt I had revelation on but had never heard anyone else speak of, or at least not many.

There was only one thing I found really hard to digest. I did agree that there must be very many worlds that God has created (which God purportedly told her, and also happens to accord with string theory), but then the Father told her that He had himself come and dwelled among the inhabitants of one of those worlds. This didn’t make much sense to me, as to my understanding the arrival of the Son is the coming of the Father, who eternally dwells in heaven. But I considered that perhaps my understanding is shortsighted and that I still lack understanding in some area.


I haven’t actually watched the video yet, only paroused the book. Maybe I’ll get to it this weekend. From his book, I don’t think he is a UR. I haven’t read “Beyond the Darkness”, maybe I’ll pick it up some day. As far as God creating other worlds, who knows? To my knowledge scripture doesn’t speak of such, and I haven’t recieved or heard of any revelation of such from others. Concerning God coming to dwell among His creation, Emmanuel - “God with us.” God certainly came and dwelt in our midst by being born of a virgin. Jesus said, “If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father.” How all that works, Trinity vs. Oneness (or Two-ness), I don’t know. But I do believe the Jesus is God in the Flesh; Jesus is not a Greek Demi-God, 1/2 man and 1/2 god. Jesus is wholly God and wholly Man. How? I don’t know but I trust.

Theology - Faith Seeking Understanding!


You’re talking about two different videos/ stories. One is Bill Weise’s (who takes the “traditional” view) vs. Howard Storm’s story which I have not seen on video but read in narrative form. One is clearly UR (or something very like it) and one is clearly not.


Yes, two different testimonies from two different people.

Over the last couple of days I’ve been listening to many testimonies of people who have either died and went to hell, or had a vision of Hell. It’s amazing how many people have experienced Hell. I also find it amazing that the results of each one’s experience of Hell was Salvation! This is seen in three scenarios:

  1. If an unbeliever (atheist, drug addict, suicide, etc.) dies and goes to Hell, they are confronted with their sin, recognize their need of God, cry out to God and are saved, born again while dead, and then brought to life a new person. - The result – Salvation!

  2. Some unbelievers die, go to Hell, are confronted by their sin, and recognize their need of God, and then come back to life searching. They soon come to faith in Christ and are born again. - The result – Salvation!

  3. In the testimonies of believers who have experienced Hell in a vision or in a spiritual reality, they become motivated as never before to share the Gospel, the good news of God’s love and salvation in Christ which results in the salvation of others. Their testimony also motivates other believers to share the Gospel resulting in the salvation of even more people. The result – Salvation!

As I’ve reviewed these testimonies, the consistent result was Salvation. I especially find wonderful the testimonies of those people who were saved while in Hell. As they experienced the full reality, the full torture of being separated from the light, the life, the love, the hope, the joy, the peace, the protection of God, the person comes to realize just how much they need God. In Hell thell cry out to God and God saves them through a revelation of Jesus Christ. They are born again in Hell and then restored to physical life a changed person, and most become ministers or pastors.

One man who was saved while in Hell, explained how Heaven and Hell are an “eternal” reality, a reality that “transcends time.” He explained that in this temporal life, everything relates to time; but in eternity nothing relates to time, it just “IS”. So when he was in Hell, he was in Hell eternally, having no concept of time, transcending time. How long was he in Hell - forever; and yet from our temporal perspective he was only dead for minutes.

I am increasingly coming to understand (or misunderstand) Hell as being a “present eternal/spiritual reality”. People are presently trapped in a state of being that is INCREASINGLY separated from God, hopeless, loveless, selfish, depressed, and oppressed by demons! They are trapped behind these gates of Hell. But Jesus promises that the gates of Hell cannot stand against the Church’s assault!

So, from the testimonies I’ve reviewed, the apparent purpose and result of Hell is Salvation, Not Damnation!


YES! That man describes it exactly like I’ve wished to describe it (and how it has accorded with my own experience).

Great synopses. Some of this material (including source material) is definitely getting into the book! :smiley:

Can you give us a few of the best links, bychance…?


Just do a search on Hell and watch some of the personal testimony videos. I even saw a testimony on the History Channel as they were discussing the sin of Anger in their 7 Deadly Sins series. Bill Weise, 23 minutes in Hell is on several sites, along with Mary K. Baxter’s material. But here’s a couple of links that you might find interesting.

(video.google.com/videoplay?docid … 5623730111)

Near Death Experiences

Ungh, Mary K. Baxter… :confused:

This is the kind of trash she cranked out:

I’ll take a look at the links when I have more time…! Thanks! :mrgreen:


Yes, it’s been a long time since I read Baxter’s material. The quote you posted is sad, especially when it comes to Jesus misreferencing Moses. Moses warned of death and destruction in this life for disobedience to the Law; no where does he warn that anyone will be tortured endlessly in the life to come.

In fact, the Law was based on justice and equity. The “eye for an eye” law was meant to keep things from escalating, not “a life for an eye”. No where does the Law warn of endless torture because such would not be just. Torturing someone endlessly for temporal sins is not equitable, especially when one considers just how much deception we are born into (cultural and religious deception), not to mention the propensity to sin, spiritual disability, that we are born with.

Sadly, throughout history, the doctrine of Hell has given believers license to do all manner of evil - the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, even the preachers who are using the threat of Hell to condemn, control, and manipulate people. The doctrine of Hell has even caused some believers to renounce their belief in God because they just cannot reconcile the opposing concepts of God being love and God torturing anything forever, much less torturing his children forever. Shoot, even I have enough mercy to put my dog out of its misery if it’s infected with rabbies.

Thanks for noting Baxter’s quote.



No prob. :mrgreen:

Yep, totally agree. This is one reason I’m so passionate about this doctrine, is that it’s VERY relevant, not only in how we treat others but how the world sees God.

When I think about these things, my anger burns fiercely against these false doctrines. :imp: Yet it’s not my anger… it’s the Lord’s.

Let it burn, dear Lord. Let it burn.


Another interesting NDE testimony.

Note that this experience also resulted in Salvation.