Aaron's Current Take on "Believers Debating Doctrine"?


Did you learn some new things about the New Testament teaching concerning whether believers should debate doctrine?
How has your thinking changed concerning such serious matter in the Scriptures?

[Edited to add: Roofus is referring [url=https://forum.evangelicaluniversalist.com/t/god-does-not-approve-of-believers-debating-doctrine/951/1]to this thread of A37’s.]

Redemption from the lake of fire?
God does not approve of believers debating doctrine.

All I hear are crickets.


Welcome to my world Roofy :smiley: oh yes… if you wait long enough there’s tumbleweed as well.


It’s possible he doesn’t know this thread is here. Have you linked to it in other comments where you know he’s around, or pm’d him about its existence?


You mean from theists in general or Aaron?


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The man still has never responded to this thread. Anyone wanna throw out suggestions as to why not?



I believe discussing doctrine with believers is fine as long as it does not lead to strife ,backbiting and division. The point I was trying to make on my post… we are not to spend all of our time in discussion forums debating each other over doctrines while people are dying and going to hell for eternity. Most professing Christians spend more time on the internet and watching TV than they do witnessing to the lost or in the presense of God by praying, private worshipping, and meditating his word… this is sin, my brother. :wink:

I apologize to this forum for using Titus 3:10 as my reasoning for leaving this forum( because I’m still here) it was a mistake, but I still stand by my comments above.


Then shouldn’t you be out deba-- I mean, winning the lost? What finally keeps you here?

But seriously, I don’t see how we can even “win” the world over before examining our message to see if we have it right and whether it’ll fulfill Jesus’ promise that he would draw “all men to himself”.


So how many hours a day do you spend witnessing?


I copy-quoted your reply here, A, to the thread in question, so that visitors or members reading that thread will also see your clarification and correction. (Also, I added a link to your clarification at the bottom of your original comment in that thread.)


He probably hands out Chick tracts like the lady at the bus stop today, which incidentally gave me a great parody idea to promote universalism with! :mrgreen: The tract was called Somebody Loves You and as the girl next to me pointed out it was filled with depictions of graphic violence. The irony was not lost on us.


No mention of charitable works I note; just the collection of soul stickers as each sinner bites the dust :frowning:


Jeff, I just want to tell you Jesus thinks your Amazing! Jesus loves you so much he died and was raised from the dead for you! Will you respond and accept this love? :smiley:


According to you he thinks I’m soooo Amazing yah! that he will torture me forever 1 millisecond after I die.


God will not accept anyone who will not trust Jesus Christ for salvation. You have a choice to make, Jeff. God will punish the unforgiveable…unrepentant sin of unbelief, eternally… will you not escape this eternal sin and turn to God through his Son and receive his love? Do it right now, Jeff, before your head hits the pillow tonight. Jesus loves you so much he offers his blood to cleanse you and make you white as snow, receive it now… before you go to bed tonight…your not guaranteed tomorrow.


Eternal life being an infinitely more prized possession than anything else only makes evangelists selling its mere broken-down replica with the tactics of used car salesmen that much more socially repugnant.


Truth is Aaron37 I am far more tempted to become a Christian by the witness of the Universalists here than by your witness. Their message (contrary to what some people believe about UR) DOESN’T make me say ‘I won’t bother now because it will all be ok in the end anyway’; in fact it makes me glad that many of the paradoxes and contradictions that helped drive me away from Christianity are gloriously resolved. It also bears witness to a God that I feel I would be capable of worshipping (unlike the god you show me).

My only dilemma concerns the strengths that I see on both sides of the debate as to the existence of the Christian God (along with all other gods - but then I suppose even you are atheist about those gods eh? :wink: ) which casts doubt on the truth of the Biblical message - hence agnostic, but (paradoxically) I hope for the truth of Christian UR - hence Universalist.

I will NOT be a hypocrite by claiming a wonderful conversion (certainly not via a bulletin board) unless it is absolutely true.


I understand, but playing paddy-cake with the Spirit of grace is not a wise thing to do. I pray you accept Jesus as Lord and Savior before time runs out on you. To be forgiven by God, we must comply with God’s conditions for forgiveness… Not our own.