Approaching Traditionalists-Talbott restated


I’m not sure what approach to traditional evangelicals best encourages dialogue. But I suspect that it may be better to first encourage an openness to those whose interpretations differ, than to press for a clinching universalist argument. Those challenged may need to see that universalists grasp and respect the case for their own interpretation.

Thus, indebted to Thomas Talbott’s stimulating presentation of three major alternatives, I attach my own enunciation of it, with Scriptures suggestive of each traditional belief, and my take on a universalist’s conclusions. I would welcome your impressions and alternatives.

Which of these three ideas do you think a Bible Christian must believe.doc (30.5 KB)



I suppose you’re posting this here for purposes of wider commentary. Is it a 2nd edition of the approach you suggested here at the website development thread? Or the same text?


Your surmise was precise! It’s identical in case others found it useful.


Curious why the link is posted if ordinary contributors like myself cannot access it???

Just asking…




For clarification, the inoperable link would provide the identical material I’ve given under this heading; but I first offered it the site people, who requested such a proposal. I look forward to your continuing reflections.



I didn’t realize the linked thread was invisible to people outside the leadership group. Sorry; my bad. :slight_smile:

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