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Unique Proof For Christian, Biblical Universalism

75 UR verses + 100 proofs + 150 reasons etc:
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213 Questions Without Answers:
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Journal of Analytic Theology

Kata Biblon Wiki Lexicon - αἰσχύνη - shame/disgrace/dishonor (n.)

Endless Punishment

Two Questions

Does aionios always mean eternal in ancient Koine Greek? (paradise, Gospel, hell) - Christianity - - City-Data Forum

If Jesus wished to express endless punishment, then He would have used expressions such as “endless”, “no end” & “never be saved” as per:

How Scripture expresses endless duration (not aion/ios) (paradise, hell, punishment) - Christianity - - City-Data Forum

Reforming Hell

Talbott—Does God allow irreparable harm?

Bible Commentaries

Bible Commentaries

Web Online Help

Web Online Help

Saint Origen

Saint Origen | David Bentley Hart

Is God A Monster?

If endless conscious torments were true, is God a monster?

Aionas Ton Aionon

Why Can’t Aionas Ton Aionon Mean Eternity?

Bible Translations NOT Teaching Eternal Torment

Bible Translations That Do Not Teach Eternal Torment


Aeon - Wikipedia

Concerning Aion and Aionios

The Greek Words “aion” and “aionios,” do these words mean “eternal” or “everlasting”?

Forever and ever

For the Lord will NOT cast off FOR EVER:

Early Christian Doctrines

Full text of “103911481-J-N-D-Kelly-Early-Christian-Doctrines.pdf (PDFy mirror)”

Unbaptised Infants Who Die

The Hope of Salvation for Infants Who Die Without Being Baptised

Victims Of Infanticide

If endless punishment were true & victims of infanticide all go to heaven

Endless Punishment For Victims?

If endless punishment were true & victims of infanticide

Augustines Ignorance (Matt 25:46)

Augustine’s ignorance & error re Matthew 25:46

Scholar’s Corner Christian Universalism

Scholar’s Corner: The Center for Bible studies in Christian Universalism

Love Wins

Love Wins Because God Is Love… | For Whom nothing is impossible…Love NEVER Fails!

Statement Of Faith

Statement of Faith – Please Read

Seven Myths

7 Myths About Universalism

Evangelical Objections

The Evangelical Universalist: Responses to evangelical objections to the orthodoxy of universalism

Will Hitler Be Saved?

The Evangelical Universalist: Will Hitler be Saved?

How Universalism Has Impacted My Life

The Evangelical Universalist: How Universalism Has Impacted my Life

Believers In Universal Reconciliation

>Believers and Supporters of Christian Universalism

Why preach it?

Fifteen Reasons for Preaching Christian Universalism

The True Good News

Christian universalism–Ultimate Reconcilation: The True “Good News” Gospel of the Bible

Unique Proof of Biblical Reconciliation

Unique Proof For Christian, Biblical Universalism

The truth will make you free

Universalism – The Truth Shall Make You Free

The Biblical Eons

The eons of the Bible With Concordance, God’s purpose of the eons.

Martin Zender

The Eons

Eons & worlds