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Robin: Is Bell really a universalist?
Rob Bell interview on
Rob Bell Interview in UK

Nice, thanks for the link!

One of these weeks, now that my Easter schedule is past and my stomach virus has evacuated me :mrgreen:, I have got to start catching up on the various Bell-icose-osities we’ve been linking to since last month.

But I’ll most likely do that after writing a FAQ sheet on the book itself, now that I’ve finally read it.

(And most likely I’ll finish up my little series on how close Lewis got first, since this has some topical relation to what RB is doing. Whew…)


Yea, this is a really interesting one, a lot of give and take.


Thanks for that Roofus! I really enjoyed watching that. If I could summarize Warnock’s concerns with Bell they were that his view would hurt others in making a decision now, he doesn’t take God’s justice seriously, and he doesn’t have a literal enough view of the scriptures (too liberal)- feels the bible is conclusive God has created a place where there is no more hope. I thought Bell did really well in this interview showing how he’s very concerned with the now, that a message of hope inspires people to follow God for all the right reasons. It really seems like Warnock just does not get how serious Bell perceives sin. There were so many times Warnock would say something that I’d think, “Yes, we completely agree!” And Rob was ready to “Amen!” him. Bell also kept bringing it back to discussion of the bible, wanting to discuss it, in an effort to take it seriously. They clearly wanted Bell to call himself a universalist, something he refused to do. He doesn’t make any bones about the fact that he wants all to be saved and thinks God does not create a place where there is no hope.


Tue, bell thinks that God does not create a place where there is no hope, but he is humble enough to admit that he might be wrong and that EECT ight be true!


One of my friends posted on FB saying how “plain manipulative” Bell was in the interview :open_mouth: . After explaining Rob Bell’s style and position, she apologized for being too harsh. Anyway, it forced me to finally find the time to start watching the interview (I had wanted to, but at the moment I only have about a 30 minute window each day to watch anything). I must admit I’m enjoying it and was laughing at how Bell cleverly handled some bits! :sunglasses:


Funny. 7 minutes the interviewer goes on about how Rob has changed in his theology in the 10 years at Mars Hill, with the implication that something’s wrong with him because of it, and Rob says “Have you?” Interviewer goes “Yes!” and moves on…


that was a great moment, i agree! Rob has the guts to demand fair treatment. i don’t buy into the UR thing yet, but i’ll hear anyone out!


By the way, has anyone worked out how to save the video to hard drive rather than having it stop every 2 seconds because of buffering?


You realise that meant that I just had to find a way to do that! :ugeek: … l_Full.flv It’s 476MB but that’s nothing if you have plan with a 150GB per month limit (they call it a *small *plan, which I think is funny because you can still get plans for phones with only a few hundred MB per month :unamused: ) :sunglasses:


Aah. Many thanks for that Alex. It’s downloading now.

But you realise that now you made me curious about how you did it, right? :ugeek:


In the page source of … nock/0.htm , and in the page source of that, I found the above URL :nerd:


My goodness. I don’t think one :nerd: is enough for you! I know exactly what you’re talking about but it didn’t click to me to try that.