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Docu-movie Hellbound

Came across this article about a up coming movie about the origines of hell at … 725.htm#22

Looks interesting, I loved “Expelled”

This forum made a mention in the article.

Is there anyone hear familiar with any of the other folks mentioned in the article? Like Brad Jersak and Don Dart.

And NO, this is not a pro EU site :slight_smile: as you will quickly see :astonished:

We heard a little while ago something was in the works by the “Expelled” crew. Thanks for the update!

Jersak is a well known Universalist author.

Interesting, glad Talbott’s involved. Awesome that the last quote is from our forum!

Here’s the website:
And there’s also a facebook page with lots of links.

I only hope they do a more honest job with this film than “Expelled”. Watch out Talbott!

Hi folks: Someone just drew my attention to this thread. Seems like “Expelled” will forever be a millstone around my neck in terms of concerns about journalistic integrity. At any rate, just wanted to say hi and let you know that the only members of the “Expelled” team working on “Hellbound?” are my editor, Simon Tondeur, and me. And I can promise you we are proceeding through production with all of our scruples intact.

I have no doubt this film will stir up a lot of controversy. However, as I noted to one of our interview subjects recently, the only criticism that will make me wince is the one that accuses us of being uncharitable. So while we’re not going to pull any punches with this film, we certainly want our interview subjects to stand or fall on their own merits.

I appreciate your interest in the film. We are just over half-way through production, and I can’t wait to start cutting things together. Thomas Talbott was a delight, and we are in the process of locking down an interview date with “Gregory MacDonald.” We have interviewed several other leading voices in this debate and captured scenes from many situations where our beliefs about hell play out on the ground, so to speak. So I think this film will be highly engaging and informative for people no matter what they believe (or don’t believe) about hell.

One more thing: Please feel free to “like” us on Facebook. It’s one of the best ways to spread the word:

You’re “liked”! Thanks for commenting!


We are honoured that you have commented here! Awesome to hear Robin is going to be interviewed too!! Sounds like you have really researched this well :sunglasses:

Looking good…

Sweet! :slight_smile:

Hi folks: Just wanted to make you aware of the new web banners we’re using to provoke people’s thinking and to promote the film. You can see a sample here:

"]… the process by which the establishment tends to deal with people who disagree with them. Out of that conversation we came up with a series of stages, all of which coincidentally begin with the letter “I”:

]Ignore: They always start by hoping you’ll just go away, often refusing to even engage in debate for fear of creating the impression there truly is a rational objection to the status quo./]

]Insult: When avoidance becomes impossible, they’ll mock and ridicule you, make you out to be a heretic, a conspiracy theorist, a madman, etc./]

]Intimidate: When simple mockery fails, the gloves come off./]

]Isolate: If you won’t back down, they seek to divide and conquer. Impose sanctions. Turn your friends against you./]

]Incriminate: They either frame you or smear you and force you to defend yourself, thus creating the appearance of guilt even if the charges prove to be false./]

]Incarcerate: If the charges stick, they stick you behind bars./]

]Incinerate: When all else fails, they put you in the cross-hairs./]Thanks Kevin, that’s an interesting angle, as even Christians do this, no wonder they think God does too. I’ve experienced 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, but hopefully Christians will stop at that, although the witchhunts were only a few generations ago… :neutral_face:

Hi folks: Just wanted to let you know that today we have released a teaser trailer for the film and re-launched our web site. You can see it all here:

BTW: I forgot to mention two steps in my list of “I’s”: Invite and Incorporate. These steps would fall between the current steps 3 and 4. And by these terms I mean, at some point the forces of antagonism will attempt to recruit the protagonist to their side. If that doesn’t work, what often happens is that the antagonist will steal the protagonist’s platform and claim the ideas for their own. (I use protagonist and antagonist here b/c I teach this in my screenwriting class, and those terms come most naturally to me.) So the revised list would be:

  1. Ignore
  2. Insult
  3. Intimidate
  4. Invite
  5. Incorporate
  6. Isolate
  7. Incriminate
  8. Incarcerate
  9. Incinerate

i know it’s for effect, but i really liked the death metal soundtrack :laughing:

Great trailer! Now I’m trying to figure out how to embed it on my wordpress site . . .

Awesome! I saw the trailer today and was very excited. :smiley:

Great list. I feel like that’s taken directly from the current antagonism toward the Ron Paul campaign, hahaha.

Did you happen to get an interview from Gary Amirault? Also, getting Driscoll involved was probably a good move.

Where is the premier screening? I’d love to fly over to the US for it :mrgreen:

Disturbing how often your list of "I"s is happens (or would happen if people could get away with it) :neutral_face: