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Downside Up New VIdeo Series Peter Hiett

Downside Up: New VIdeo Series Featuring Peter Hiett can be seen here Looks like it will be a great series. They only have the Intro and Episode 7 The Flaming Toilet of Death.

Makes me wish that I lived in Denver CO. I would make The Sanctuary my home church for sure. :sunglasses:

THAT was SO great! Thanks!

Yeah dude, that Flaming Toilet Of Death video was awesome! Funny and profound at the same time.
It reminded me of Rob Bell’s NOOMA videos. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing, and let us know if anything else gets posted. :slight_smile:

Blessings to you :slight_smile:

I just noticed that there is a second part to that intro called Restless.

Thought I’d mention that it looks like Peter Hiett wrote a couple of books, which both look interesting, found them on Amazon.

Eternity Now! Encountering The Jesus Of Revelation … roduct_top

Dance Lessons For Zombies: How Jesus Delivers Zoned-Out Followers From Their Worried, Joyless Lives … pd_sim_b_1

They both look good, I may want to give them a look sometime.

And Peter Hiett is recommended by Philip Yancey, and Yancey is one of my favorite authors, so that’s a good reference if you ask me. :wink:

And I ran across this on Philip MacDonald’s site:

Wow, this is brilliant!

Nice find … Just shared on fb! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing!

I LOVE the Downside Up series. If you haven’t seen Cutting Room Floor yet, watch it. It’s brilliant.

The creators of that video series have a Kickstarter campaign right now. Please click here to support them. I have no affiliation with them; I just want them to succeed because they bring messages of such amazing hope.

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