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First Half of CoJ + commentary

Cry of Justice is an epic fantasy novel that won the Christian Small Publishers Association retailer poll for Novel of the Year 2008. (Or 2007 originally, but the CSPA changed the year to match when they held the contest.)

It isn’t an ebook (due to some formatting peculiarities), but rather (in its first edition) an attractive hardback with a dust-jacket, 444 pages (plus the usual frontmatter.)

It can be found for sale pretty much anywhere on the internet, but currently only Amazon stocks units, so the link in the signature of any of my posts goes to its Amazon page.

___The first half of the book (by wordcount) can currently be found for free here at the EU forum, via the link to the table of contents below. I have included some non-spoilerish commentary for the chapters as well. The forum doesn’t like the idea of indenting paragraphs, so I have tried to represent them in-text by underscores such as at the beginning of this paragraph. The book itself doesn’t have that problem, of course. :wink: