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First Half Project: JRP's CRY OF JUSTICE (contents)

I often try to do something in regard to my novels sometime around Valentine’s Day each year. (The timing is semi-random, but the novels are romantic so that’s one reason. :slight_smile: )

This year I’m going to try posting the first half of my epic fantasy novel Cry of Justice to the forum.

CoJ won the inaugural Novel of the Year retailer vote held by the Christian Small Publishers Association back in 2008. (At the time it was for books published in 2007 or early 2008, so originally the award was for 2007; but since the years are rather split, they soon changed the enumeration to the year the vote is held. Thus officially it’s Best Novel 2008, but I have a habit of calling it 2007 sometimes.)

If I can post at least five pages a day or one chapter’s worth (some of my chapters are very short, especially at the beginning), I should be able to reach the end of Section Three, 137 pages, almost halfway through, by Feb 14 (one of the more romantic chapters by no coincidence of scheduling at all :mrgreen: ); and I’ll probably continue afterward into Section Four to the end of chapter 45, a couple pages shy of halfway.

This is the announcement thread, and I’ll use the next comment to create links to the chapters as I post them, one chapter (or portion of chapter for long ones) per thread.

Members can ask questions and make general comments in subsequent comments of this thread. The chapter threads themselves will be open for member discussion immediately after I post-create them.

Cry of Justice should be available for order at any major online book retailer, including Amazon (where the link in my signature leads to). Ebook versions are not currently available, except as locked pdfs from my distributor Atlas Books (at the time I published Kindle and other eformats would have ruined some of the important formatting cues in the text); but Amazon has several members selling copies they received for free during various promotions in years past, at ridiculously low prices (for which I will receive no compensation :wink: ), and the books themselves are well-made hardbacks with dustjackets.

Table of Contents [Links to be included at my convenience as I post]

Preface 1
Introduction—To A World 3

Words that are Tears 9
The Obligation of a Bleeding Soul 11
The Cry 15
Prices of Sheep 18
To Deny and to Test 24
Dances 27
Fires, Composures and Any Sword 30
No Easy Prey 35 Part 1, and Part 2
Balances Regained 46

Sealed 51
An Autumn Breeze 54
The Cowherd 57
Weeds and Oaks 60
Parries and Ripostes 62
The Monster Inside 64
Adding Things Up 66
Calculated Risks 70
Signs of Change in the Weather 76
Waiting and Humming 78
Path Through the Woods 81
Getting to Know 85

Section Three—FIRST NIGHT
In with Him 95
Together in the Dark 99
Fazed 106
Settling In 110
Onward and Upward114
Living, Unliving and Chafing 118
When Nothing Matters 121
Victory 131
Facing the Facts 137
When Something Matters 140
To Believe and Not to Believe 153
Matters of the Heart 157
Opportunity 160
As Silent as a Breeze 162
How It Is to Be 164
Good Morning 166

Shapes of History 173
The Grass 177
Eyes 183
The Forest for the Trees 187
Results 198
Glimpses of Twisting 201
Studies 204
Heart and Stone 212

[Note: halfway point of the book; the First Half Project thus completed]

Convocation 221
Worsts 229
Indunas 241
House of Cards 250
Alone 258
Almost Perfect 267

Section Five—WITHIN
The Right Trust 275
Captains 282
Corners 290
Tensions 303
Call to Glory 307
The Man Behind the Door 315
Marshallings 329

Section Six—WITHOUT
The Heart of the People 343
Hearts of Sacrifice 348
The River Begins to Crumble 354
Butchery 358
Desperate Faces 366
Rain of Hammers 373
Enough 382
Avalanche Dancing 388
The Cry from Above 402
The Fall 409
Resolutions 416
Loose Ends 422
Accomplishing, Not Finishing 430
To Know and to Wonder 436
Threats and Opportunities 442 (final page 444)

Now this is something I can get into. **I am truly excited! ** This is going to be a 3 part trilogy, correct? Maybe even more? I plan on ordering your book, but will read first what you provide here. Let the adventure begin. I wish I had a bottle of Rum with me, tonight.

There’s an initial trilogy (most of which I’ve written), and then further books planned after that (of which I only have notes).

I definitely know where I’m going in the story, and have a basic idea of how many “arcs” it will take to get there; some of which may be shortened or eliminated depending on how things go.

The first three books were originally going to be one book, but I haven’t really increased the length any–all three put together in one volume would be about the length of one thick entry in anyone else’s epic series. :wink: It was just easier for me to pull up and polish the material for what became Book 1 first; it and Book 2 together are about the same size as Book 3 will likely turn out once I finish composing it. Since I don’t have the money to properly print Book 3 yet, I’m in no great hurry to finish though. :laughing: (Book 2 is done and I have the money to properly print it, but it ends on such a sharp cliffhanger, so to speak, I figure I had better have the 3rd book ready to go so people won’t want to chuck the series out the window along with the main protagonist. :smiling_imp: )

Anyway, thanks for asking! :smiley: I hope you enjoy it.