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Fun Quiz: What Religion are You?

If you’re curious, or just bored, click here to take the quiz, then tell us what you “are,” and what you think about it. :wink: Belief-O-Matic.

Apparently I am an Orthodox Quaker. :laughing: 100%, they say. Seriously? I never would have guessed that one. Reading the beliefs they have listed for “Orthodox Quaker,” I’m guessing they just didn’t know WHERE to put me. :unamused:

Small world, Cinders–I’m 100% Orthodox Quaker, too. :laughing:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Well, I got Conservative Christian Protestantism, but I didn’t really understand the different answers for the one question about life after death. Some of the questions threw me off a little. I remember taking this before and getting Orthodox Quaker, too. Oh yeah, Nick just joined the club. :laughing:

:laughing: Orthodox Quaker as well. Of course, I went through a Quaker phase about ten or eleven years ago and some of the old Quaker thinking still appeals to me!



Wow, ya’ll – maybe we’re going to have to get up a meeting. :laughing:

Yes, yes, I call a Meeting, Cindy.:slight_smile: (But could we all seriously successfully hold silence together? Not this girl! :laughing: )

Well I came down on the side of… Liberal Quakerism :sunglasses:

You liberal, you, Davo! :wink:

No kidding, Kate! Silence??? Huh! :laughing:

If I remember right, I was a liberal Quaker second–just a Quaker all around, I guess! I just don’t know how I’d break this one to my priest… :wink:

very carefully, Kate. You could say confessions of a shopaholic because you are “shopping” around for different churches. LOL. :laughing:

I was tagged as a Conservative Protestant which is not really accurate. I think they have 3 or 4 questions which if answered a certain way classify you as a CP. But it was fun.

They classified me as an “Orthodox Quaker”, too.

I’m beginning to think this quiz was prepared by Orthodox Quakers.

Of the seven responses so far:

4 were Orthodox Quakers
1 was liberal Quaker
2 were other than Quakers

I notice they gave a link to Orthodox Quakers with a statement of their beliefs.

Me too CIndy :unamused: I just don’t know any close by. Piadon I am with you I reckon it’s the latest church growth methodology,. :laughing:

Hi all,

Nice to be back :slight_smile: and from who is the first topic top of the list from dear Cindy . I shall now try the quiz and tell you what I am.

Michael in Barcelona

Well that is a surprise!! Just been thru the quiz and find that I am

A Brian Maclaren Christian!!! a.k.a!! Rob Bell…St Francis leading to Mother Teresa… etc Post Evangelical,…

That has got me curious and guessing.

I found a number of the answers incomplete. For example on Prayer -----relationship with God. conversatio with God, talkingto God. I would agree but how about LISTENING TO GOD as important if not more so in the relationshio. Question before that I cannot recall but I was surprised that the answers did not include…opening one’s hear to God-

Love to all


Hi, Michael! Welcome back! :slight_smile:

I retook the quiz, having not taken it since a while ago. I think you get ‘Orthodox Quaker’ if you are mostly “mainstream” Christian with a little heresy thrown in the mix (like universal restoration. :wink: )

Anyway, my top 3 were:

1.) Orthodox Quakerism - 100% (I reckon I answered more liberally than “mainstream” Christians in regards to peace and social justice, as well, which pegged me as ‘Quakerly.’)
2.) Roman Catholicism - 98% (Makes sense, considering I am one. :wink: Not sure how the quiz actually pegged me as Catholic, considering it asked next to nothing about the Sacraments.)
3.) Seventh Day Adeventist - 98% (Hey, [tag]Nick Baker[/tag], we’d probably agree on a thing or two, even though I have very little idea myself on what SDA’s teach.:slight_smile:)

Ha ha, Kate. I think the quiz’s algorithms based on the answer everyone is giving here is off. There is no way on the planet anyone can get 98% Catholic and 98% Seventh-Day Adventists. If you told an Adventist that they would probably be offended since they consider themselves the last major reformative Protestant church. Honestly, I think the quiz would get more accurate results if they focused on doctrine rather than political views. I know there are very liberal Adventists who might end up as a quaker or something like that when they should still be called Seventh-Day Adventist because of their doctrines.
Anyways, if that really was written by quakers, then this was nothing short of earth-shattering quiz. :wink:

:laughing: Yes, Nick, I am bad at math, but I am not so bad to think I can be both 100% Quaker and 98% Catholic (no matter how denominationally confused I feel! :laughing: )

In all seriousness though, I wish there was a ‘Belief-O-Matic.’ I’ve been a church shopper for far too long-- and it gets tiring. Hmph. Just a few minutes ago, my mom asked if I’d be going to her church tomorrow (Conservative Protestant), jokingly asking if the “hellfire was a bit much?” Truth is, it is a bit much (or more than a bit.) :confused:

Do you still attend your Seventh Day Adventist communion?

Why is universal restoration such a “heresy?” I’m to the point in church shopping that I reckon I would hop on board with a church that at leased deemed universal salvation a lesser heresy! :unamused: