George MacDonald on "The Word of Jesus on Prayer"


Most of GMacD’s preceding sermon (from Unspoken Sermons vol. 2), on “The Cause of Spiritual Stupidity”, can be found here on the boards. (Or, go here for a list of links for directly accessing all his published material for free from an American publisher, or to buy some nice hardback copies.)

Several of C. S. Lewis’ own remarks (in books and essays) concerning prayer, are clearly based on his ruminations of MacDonald’s writing on prayer; including this sermon.

George MacDonald on "Man's Difficulty Concerning Prayer"

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I’m moving more swiftly through today’s entry (and rearranging the text in a better topical order), in order to get to what is, for me (and for most readers I expect) the far more pressing issue of praying from pain and not having relief from that pain granted. That is not what today’s entry is about–it’s about the question of mere experimentation and adduction of testimonial evidence; but I wanted readers to know ahead of time that MacD is NOT talking here about a case where, for example (to borrow the situation of his posthumous student, C. S. Lewis), a loved one is dying and prayer is made for their recovery, but the prayer is not granted. (Which, for Lewis when his mother thus died of cancer, was the beginning of his atheism. To which he was sorely tempted again near the end of his own life when his beloved wife died of cancer, too.) MacD is far more sympathetic about such cases, as tomorrow’s entry will show.

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While I don’t for a moment believe that today’s material fully explains why God allows bad things to happen (including continuing to allow suffering to happen for a time, through ungranted prayer), this material has been of great value and comfort to me (though also chastening :wink: ). So I am glad to be able to present it today.

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