How To Live Under An Unqualified President by John Piper


Only if his wall can keep out the zombies… :sweat_smile:


I personally doubt it!


Randy - that was a pretty good scene in a pretty good Z movie!


Actually, I am thinking that this is how bi-partisan politics works (or should work). I was trying to say I was on your side though I disagree with some of what you say. Is our view and being right more important than the progression of the nation as a whole? (by the way,the use of the term ‘you guys’ is a slight slap in the face :wink:)

If leftists want to go to war, then I would say that my observation is correct.

If there is nothing conciliatory between the two sides. I would just say that it is a sad day.


It appears that we snowflake leftist guys can get awful warlike in our vocabulary :frowning:


Steve, do you really think those who recognize Trump’s many failings are all leftists? Do you regard me as a leftist?

In Canada the “New Democratic Party” is leftist—far more left than the Democrats of United States. The latter are more like the Liberal Party in Canada. The Conservative Party of Canada is closer to the Republican Party of United States, but nowhere near as extreme. The Social Credit Party of Canada (now defunct) was even more right wing than the Conservatives. I once ran as a candidate for the Social Credit Party. When it went out of the picture, I always voted Conservative. In no way would Canada classify me as Leftist. Rather they would say I am right wing.

However, being right or left in no way defines a person’s attitude toward Mr. Trump. So I think it’s about time for Trump’s supporters to quit assigning all opposition to Trump’s attitudes and decisions as “leftist.”


Gosh Bob, What is going on?


And what do you think Mark means?


So what would you have us in the USA assign those who oppose Mr. Trump?


Paidion, you have made it clear that you consider the President’s plan to build a security wall on the Mexico border to be wrong, presumably one of his “many failings” in your estimation.

Just how many is "many"? What are they? Collusion with Russia? Or are you including personal failings? Do his "failings" outweigh his successes - lowest unemployment rates in decades, rising blue-collar wages, no threats of war, booming economic strength, to name a few of them - I could add many more.

He is anti-abortion, pro-family - political points that I think from your posts on other topics you would wholeheartedly support.

Btw, how many failings would you ascribe to our own leader, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. How do his machinations to avoid jail time compare with the “many failings” of Donald Trump?


After writing my previous post, I checked another web-site I follow. Today, Mark Steyn wrote the following about Trudeau:

“We discussed the ongoing SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal, and I pointed out that nice boy-king Justin actually did what Trump’s been accused of for over two years: straight-up obstruction of justice. The Prime Minister demanded that Canada’s Attorney General interfere to his political advantage in the Crown’s prosecution of a criminal case - and, when the Attorney General refused to do his bidding, he fired her.”

Would Trudeau deserve the appellation “An Unqualified Prime Minister” a la John Piper?


How about calling them “critics of the president” across the spectrum? The reality is that many fellow classic American Conservatives on the right are included among those critical of Trump. They see him mushrooming our national debt, alienating us from treaties and nations that have been historic faithful allies, praising numerous murderous dictators, and defaming faithful conservatives like Jeff Sessions. You don’t need to be liberal to be an uneasy critic of such things.



Paidion, I’m honestly not all that interested in Trump but what I am interested in is Capitalism because I think it is by far the best economic system. So what are the extreme policies of the Republican party you referred to? BTW when I refer to “leftists” I do not mean “anti Trump” I mean something more akin to “Socialists” as in distributing the wealth by force if necessary.


How about “people”? Their numbers are certainly not confined to Leftists.


Really? Do you realize what Capitalism is? It’s the process of concentrating capital in the hands of a few.
It is not tantamount to “free enterprise” (which I believe in)

However, I realize that the word has changed its meaning. In these days, you will find it defined along the lines of free enterprise. However, it must be understood that in our day free enterprise abounds in socialist countries as well.


The answer isn’t socialism or capitalism. The answer is true free enterprise—where the government only protects inalienable rights, and actually does protect everyone’s inalienable rights (no matter their social status). When the differences between capitalism and free enterprise are clearly understood, and the flaws of capitalism are removed from our opinions of free enterprise, socialism will have little or no chance of winning this great battle for the hearts and minds of the people. ~~ Oliver Demille


Interesting. Both Russian and China would say, they promote “free enterprise”. And there are examples of folks - from both countries - becoming millionaires and billionaires.

And now for some other perspectives!


By definition “Capitalism” is private ownership and “Socialism” is when the government owns the means of production. I’m not against breaking up monopolies on occasion if it is in the public interest, but your statement that free enterprise exists within Socialist countries doesn’t equate. There are many mixed economic systems like Sweden where capitalism supports the welfare state, but that’s not Socialism. Nationalizing industry is more akin to Socialism.


Some of the successful countries considered “socialist” are simply free enterprise economies with a layer or degree of socialism. ~~ John Dewar Gleissner