How To Live Under An Unqualified President by John Piper


Hum! Hypothesis!. We need an experiment, to test this. Something from the academic disciplines of political science, social psychology or psychology. And some statistical data, to examine. Do you have any examples of this?


It’s like this video today, from this amateur, arm-chair Catholic writer! But this one, I can believe! Even without the scientific proof!

But first…a BBC article, to show us how technology - is making us more humane!


So true, it is truly amazing how Socialism still appeals to academia no matter how many times it devastates countries and yet they keep on putting different colors of lipstick on the pig and keep bringing it back.


The result of Capitalism is the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. In contrast, under free enterprise everyone is treated the same by the law. Free enterprise is better than capitalism - it provides more freedom, opportunity and prosperity to many more people and a better economy than capitalism.


" freedom of private business to organize and operate for profit in a competitive system without interference by government beyond regulation necessary to protect public interest and keep the national economy in balance."

That definition of free enterprise makes some sense. It certainly is the opposite of most ‘socialist’ theory.


Free enterprise isn’t socialism for sure.

Some of the successful countries considered “socialist” are simply free enterprise economies with a layer or degree of socialism. ~~ John Dewar Gleissner


Yep, that’s why many endorse emulating those “successful countries considered socialist.”




Not we, YOU need, I think, I don’t. I can see it very plainly. YMMV obviously. I’m convinced of it and don’t feel any great need to justify it. Like CS Lewis said, the experts are more mysterian than the rest of us - their statistics are more real to SOME of them than what is plainly visible. SOME of them. Not all.


The problem, as I see it, is establishing what you or I think is ‘success’. ForAOC and Bernie and the far left, ‘success’ means overbearing taxes on the already over-burdened american taxpayer, or outright TAKING of people’s money they think are too rich - Bernie of course has 3 homes in very high-priced areas, Hillary has hundreds of millions of dollars, AOC it turns out was raised in a very well-to-do home and now makes a lot of money for being nothing else than…whatever she is. THOSE people talking about wealth distribution as a social justice thing?? Ludicrous. They are going to tell US what ‘success’ is? They are hypocrites of the very first rank.
As well, saying a few ‘socialist’ countries are even worth emulating depends on what you or I think is ‘worthy’ and how we might want to impose it on others. And if we do, we’d better set the example ourselves and explain to those whose money we want to take exactly WHY this is a good idea.
I think the Left is selling us a bill of goods in order to garner votes. The elite will not live under socialism any more than they were willing to take on Obamacare for themselves and families, choosing rather to foist it on, once again, the american taxpayer.
“The first lesson of economics is scarcity: There is never enough of anything to satisfy all those who want it. The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics”


Defender of the Weak
by Jason Waller

Loving mercy I come, and humbly I bow
At the throne of Your grace I can justly cry out, I cry out
Praise the One who bestows in us a love that stained a crossand crown Him King of Victory, King of you and King of me
Wiped clean from the wretch I am
Redeemed through the blood You shed for me
Jesus, Defender of the Weak
Loving mercy I come, and humbly I bow
At the throne of Your grace I can justly cry out, I cry out
Praise the One who bestows in us a love that stained a cross
and crown Him King of Victory, King of you and King of me
Wiped clean from the wretch I am
Redeemed through the blood You shed for me
Jesus, Defender of the Weak
I’m alive because You made me
Ransomed by the cross on Calvary
Jesus, You’re strong when I am weak
Wiped clean from the wretch I am
Redeemed through the blood You shed for me
Jesus, Defender of the Weak


OMG! This is HORRIBLE! Having to work in order to get benefits? ??? (surprise - Lefties are truly horrified by this priniciple)
Meanwhile, the budget aims to implement new welfare requirements – namely, that Americans 18-65 years old work at least 20 hours a week in a job, a job training program or a community service program to secure a range of benefits and aid.

According to the administration, the work requirement would apply to federal programs like food stamps, Medicaid, and federal housing, but would come with a hardship exemption. Last year, the administration opened the door for states to impose work requirements for Medicaid recipients. This part of the budget proposal would bring those work requirements to the federal level.


I go along with the Republican here. Benefits should only be for the disabled and elderly.


It reminds me, of an old Jewish saying. If you have two Jewish folks, in a room - you will have 3 different opinions.


Agreed. I also think that the concept ‘disabled’ needs to be looked at. AOC wants to guarantee benefits to those that CHOOSE not to work. Unbelievable.
And you still gotta wonder - where are the FAMILIES of the elderly, or those that are disabled? This welfare/nanny thing could be greatly ameliorated by restoring families - which have been destroyed in large part by a welfare state that is used by politicians to garner favor, to stay in power. That’s just sinful.



I’m from Texas and anybody can’t get disability. It’s real hard to get it. It takes an intensive screening process to qualify. I think (not sure) 75 % get turned down. But I understand the AOC thing. Is that Cortez you’re referring to?


Yessir, she’s the one.
I can choose not to work, but that’s on me - not on other taxpayers. That much I think is clear. Plus the $30T-60T pricetag is, shall we say, a wee bit astronomically ginormously too high? :slight_smile:

It feels to me that the huge amount of taxes that Americans pay is treated by the politicians as their own money, to be spent in ways that will keep them and their cronies in office. Period. Some fool (sorry, 1.0 slipped in here for a second :frowning: I took him out back and gave him a good thrashing)) like AOC would take OUR MONEY _OUR TAX MONEY - and use it like a slush fund. I do not have a survey on that fact.

“What is history but the story of how politicians have squandered the blood and treasure of the human race?” - TS. Think on that quote for a minute.

If you have been voting for politicians who promise to give you goodies at someone else’s expense, then you have no right to complain when they take your money and give it to someone else, including themselves.”

Perhaps this is the true story? Is that what any of you believe? The fact that is almost entirely made up falsehoods doesn’t stop the media.
“Look in the mirror again. You’re a good person. You deserve better than these hateful shitbags, and so does the rest of the world. Fight them. Vote.”
There’s an election coming in less than two weeks , and before you go cast your vote, I’d just like to remind you of a simple fact, which is that Republicans hate you.

Even if you don’t think they hate your guts, I have a surprise for you: they do. Go look in the mirror. You seem nice enough, right? You just want to enjoy your life, get through your day with a minimum of fuss, and maybe do right by the people you love, yeah? Well, Republicans hate all that.

They don’t even WANT you to vote a week from Tuesday. They hate voters and they hate voting. They have worked with a religious fervor to game voting tallies in Missouri, and Tennessee, and North Dakota, and Ohio (we can thank the Supreme Court for that), and Florida, and North Carolina, and most notably in Georgia, where elderly black people were literally pulled over for trying to vote, and where Republican gubernatorial candidate and current secretary of state Brian Kemp purged over 300,000 people from the voter rolls. They don’t want you voting, and they don’t particularly care if it’s fair or not. And if you happen to resist, the president already tacitly endorsed violence against you.

This is because Republicans hate a true representative democracy. And if they hate that, then they hate America. And if they hate America, then they hate you. I know Republicans say they LOVE America. They love it so much they wanna marry it. But that’s not true. They only love using America, mostly as a means of engineering hate.

But they hate so many other things, too! They hate black people. They hate Muslims, and have no problem if the Proud Boys go hunting around Manhattan for women to assault. They hate Native Americans. They’re getting their sea legs back when it comes to hating Jews. They hate hate hate Mexican and Central American and Puerto Rican people, to the point where they’re playing a demented game of Oregon Trail with a group of desperate Central Americans currently situated a literal thousand fucking miles from the border, waiting for them to arrive at our doorstep just so they can persecute them. You’re a billion times more likely to die from tripping over the sidewalk than some from supposed caravan gang member. No matter. Republican hatred of immigrants is the priority. They rip immigrant children away from their parents and stick them in concentration camps and bend over backwards to make sure those families can never be put back together, all in the name of hatred.

They hate gays, too. They hate bisexuals. They hate trans people, to the point where they would rather that such people don’t even legally exist. They really hate women. If you’re a woman who’s brave enough to step forward and publicly recount a deep-seated pain you’ve been harboring for years and years, Republicans are ready to laugh right in your face.

They hate the poor. They hate victims. They hate the elderly and infirm. They REALLY hate sick people. Can you believe all these gross sick people, lying around and wasting productivity? Let’s saddle those people up with hundreds of thousands of dollars in hospital bills so that they can die penniless and afraid. Unions? Republicans hate those. People asking for a raise in the minimum wage? Yeah no, sorry. You’re on the hate wagon, too.


I agree that what one defines as successful values is pivotal. But I’ve never heard those who admire Scandinavian systems define their view of success this way. You may be projecting your own critique into our mouths.

I think the kind of success that I see valued is less poverty and crime, a less profound gap between the struggling poor and the very rich, seeing both skilled workers and the academic brightest able to get the education that enables them to be productive, avoiding families being bankrupted by medical catastrophe, etc.

I know that you perceive that this greater success in such goals comes at a cost that you believe is not worth it, and involves taxes that you don’t want to pay. But defining the ‘success’ that attracts us as putting something “overbearing” on those who are already most “overburdened” fails to engage what actually animates the other side, and will only stir the fervor of those who already resent the other side, namely we oppressive so-called socialists :slight_smile:


And that is the problem… Someone strives to get to a place. In the old days it was called ‘getting ahead’ you worked hard and sacrificed to establish a comfortable life for yourself and your family. You managed your money were thrifty and denied yourself certain extravagances.

No body gave you anything. Nada. No way. You either gained knowledge in the working sector or went to school. You became a over comer. Now, we are facing politicians who want to ‘give’ people whatever they want. There is a difference between giving a chance and giving a handout. I will give a handout to a destitute person, who has no seeming hope. But I will give a chance to someone who wants to better themselves.

The idea that somehow race or religion or sex or other gets in the way is crazy. Absolute balderdash… It is a convenient excuse.

Less poverty and crime are going to go hand in hand with more accountability.
Bob do you deny that?




My aim, actually, is not to understand the ‘other side’. I already do, as much as I care to.
I want to know: what promises are you (the politicians) making, and to whom, and why (sans all the loaded vocabulary - I don’t believe a word of it anyway). And what do you pols get out of it? More money, more power, what?? Are you REALLY into this for the good of the 'people?"
And how to pay for it.
That’s about it. The fog of politics is just that, fog, meant to conceal.
Let’s distribute Hillary’s illegal gains from selling our uranium, or sell two of Bernie’s houses and distribute the profits, or get back the money AOC has already taken illegally, and distribute that. Then I might believe 1 word, not more, of their insanity and hypocrisy.
I expect people to pull their own weight in this world.