How To Live Under An Unqualified President by John Piper


Yeppir, mine too. It’s a painful process.




Well, I didn’t know where - to put this quote. But I can identify 100% with it. :blush:

“Blessed are the weird people: poets, misfits, writers, mystics, painters, troubadours, for they teach us to see the world through different eyes.”-- Jacob Nordby


Talk abut crazy:
The National Rifle Association has accepted contributions from about 23 Russians, or Americans living in Russia, since 2015, the gun rights group acknowledged to Congress.

The NRA said in a letter to Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., unveiled on Wednesday, that the sum it received from those people was just over $2,500 and most of that was “routine payments” for membership dues or magazine subscriptions.

Isn’t that a horrible scandal, compared to this:

Meanwhile here’s what the Uranium One take looked like for the Clintons.

The Clintons and their foundation raked in a cool $145 million in donations and “speaking fees” just from Uranium One- and Rosatom-affiliated donors while Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was supposedly keeping all Clinton Foundation business at “arm’s-length.”

But that’s not a story. The NRA getting $2,500 from a handful of members in Russia is. And that story comes to us from NPR which took plenty of cash to push the Iran Deal.

A group the White House recently identified as a key surrogate in selling the Iran nuclear deal gave National Public Radio $100,000 last year to help it report on the pact and related issues, according to the group’s annual report. It also funded reporters and partnerships with other news outlets.

But that’s not a story either. $2,500 in donations. Now that’s a story. Better get those FBI raids started.


Well, this is a war a waging, but the total disconnect from the left and the right is frightening. I would hope that there would be folks from both sides who can ‘see the bigger picture’ and start to work towards what we need as a nation and not what mamby pamby groups (on both sides) think they need. We have got to look at the forest, at what is good for ‘everyone’ :neutral_face:


“Intelligence is knowing the right answer. Wisdom is knowing when to say it.”-- Tim Fargo

Here’s a question, for all you political “experts” out there. How do we handle, the 800 pound gorilla? Which is China behind North Korea and Russia behind Syria.


James Comey…


This is presented, FOR EDUCATION PURPOSES ONLY. How To Access The Dark Web


This meeting is taking place at Wheaton College, the home of Billy Graham. It’s in today’s evangelical newsletter: