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How To Live Under An Unqualified President by John Piper


So… no one has made any comments about John McCain’s statements to which MM posted a link. Has no one any thoughts about it?




Actually, I posted a link. Anyone in the Republican party, is free to make comments. Especially from those with an elevated status, in the Republican party. It’s up to a Republican president, to at least give the “appearance” - he’s listening and reflecting on them.

Here’s an interesting BBC article from today:

If someone said they agreed with McCain’s comments…the Trump supports here (I’m Trump neutral), will go on the warpath. :wink:


I have posted a few - and I have more - balanced, reasoned responses to why the Helsinki performance by Trump and Putin was designed perfectly to NOT drive us into another cold war. Noone commented on that reasoning; noone commented on the long list of 1st year accomplishments by Trump, to which he has added many more since; noone has applauded the record high employment numbers, record creation of new jobs - I could go on and on.

Why should I bother responding, really, to those who obviously hate the man and will quote only those also numbed by their hatred for him?

I would say in all honesty, Randy, that the warpath is and has been on the other side. I’m trying to play defense even though I am also neutral as to Trump - not to his policies, some of which I agree with and some of which I don’t.
Carry on, my wayward friends. :wink:




Good news Dave… Putin is on his way over to pat Trump on the head, so you’ll be able to join the crowd in waving and welcoming him. :star_struck:








That is kind of funny…:roll_eyes:


Well, as a non-American, I’ll take a chance and offer my input.

I like Donald Trump. He has a vision for the US and seems to be succeeding in his objectives despite receiving no support from the Democrats and half-hearted backing from his own party. Admittedly he has an ego but that is probably a pre-requisite for anyone entering the dirty field of politics.

Speaking as a Brit, he did a great job at the Nato meeting and a fair job on his visit to the UK. I think he has been unfairly maligned on the meeting with Putin.

Speaking now as a Canadian, compared to Justin “Groper” Trudeau, he is …. well, there is really no comparison. At least your President is carrying out his promises and doing what he said he would do. As I once suggested to Dave, I would gladly trade Trudeau for Trump if that was possible. Sadly, that can’t happen.

There appears to be a deep rift between socialists (Democrats and most university professors) and conservatives. The far-left fringe is screaming even more loudly and doing its upmost to disrupt conservative policies and Supreme Court Justice selection. You appear to be in danger of losing the protections provided by the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Worse, there is less and less civility in debates between the left and the right in America. Did anybody else see the clip of the recent “discussion” between Whoopi Goldberg and Judge Jeanine Pirro? Four-letter words were pouring out of Goldberg’s mouth. What a disgrace.

I’d better saying anything else before never-Trumpers get even madder at me than they ever were.


Thanks for the input!!
As for being non-American, not to worry: irrational hatred for Trump is well-nigh a worldwide derangement. :slight_smile:


I did watch him inspect the Queen’s guard regiment. Who were marching in formation. He stepped right in front, of the Queen. Then I started thinking, of the King of Thailand. Where one can be put into prison (even foreigners), for insulting the king. But Don - of course - would have diplomatic immunity.

Of course, Don could be like - the TV detective Colombo. Where he acts naive, to throw folks off. And he’s saving his brilliant moves and conclusions, for the show’s ending. :wink:


How about rational hatred!!! Just kidding. I don’t hate Trump in any sense, though I do think many of his words and decisions are irrational.

Recently, Mr. Trump was asked, “Is Russia still interfering with U.S. elections?” Trump answered, “No.” Isn’t that an admission that he believed they once were interfering? It’s a bit like asking a man the question,“Are you still beating you wife?” and he answers, “No.”


Don you are a FAR cry from the crazies I’m referring to!
Don’t get me wrong - I do think you are ignoring the overwhelming amount of good that Trump has been doing and will continue to do (unless Maxine Waters, either shoot or impeach him. But that’s not going to happen.).
Here’s another viewpoint from a serious scholar , re: Helsinki and our foreign policy.

STEPHEN F. COHEN, NYU RUSSIAN STUDIES PROFESSOR EMERITUS: For 75 years, the president of the United States, beginning with Roosevelt, has met the leader of the Kremlin.
Beginning with Eisenhower, in the atomic age, the main purpose was to avoid war with Russia. Right now, we are in a new cold war fraught with hot war from Ukraine to the Baltic region to Syria.
President Trump did not have a choice. He had to go, as his predecessors did, to meet with the leader of the Kremlin, Putin. And he did. We don’t know exactly what they decided. We will learn.
But never - never! - not only in my lifetime or history has a president coming back from doing his duty to avoid war with Russia been greeted with this pornography passing as news analysis and commentary.
He is literally being called traitorous, treasonous. And I don’t know what we are going to do because if we can’t discuss the issue, how can we think about our policy?
But there is a good piece of news and I will state it quickly. Ever since the Soviet Union ended, relations with Russia have gotten worse and worse and now we are where we are.
And we ask ourselves why did that happen. Communism is gone; the Soviet is gone. And the answer here is always - it’s an orthodoxy. It’s biblical.
You can’t dissent from it without being accused of being pro-Kremlin. The answer is Russia is to blame. Putin is to blame. The United States has done nothing wrong.

And now, the president of the United States has said something absolutely heretical. He said at first in a tweet and after the meeting with Putin.
And it was very simple, but it was profoundly true. He said we have bad relations today because both sides are to blame.
And I think that’s what underlies their fury at him. That he has become a heretic in the American policy system. He has challenged the fundamental axiom of American foreign policy for 25 years.


John McCain is a RINO. And the Donald failed to properly kiss the ring. He hates Trump and he’s a vindictive man. Not surprising therefore if he doesn’t say nice things.


Not specially targeted toward anyone in particular…

Regarding Prez T’s muchly condemned remarks whilst standing next to Putin, what was he supposed to say? Did they really want POTUS to shame the man in front of the world? Do they really want WWIII THAT badly? DJT has said many times that he believes and knows that Russia attempted to influence/meddle in our elections. He’s been saying it since before he took office, based on his security briefings. I’ve seen the vids. I remember them from when they were first broadcast. So he goes out there doing diplomacy and they try to crucify him for not outraging a dangerous man and humiliating him in the midst of an international press event.

As for the much-discussed “fake news,” I think DJT probably did coin that phrase. We used to call it propaganda and I do think we ought to go back to calling it propaganda, because that is, after all, what it is.

One more thing… if DJT doesn’t trust the “intelligence community,” I think perhaps he has just cause for that.


IF the BBC, or CNN, or an Aussie news sources would ONE TIME print something like this, I would agree they are being fair. And yet, this is full of those pesky ''facts" that they will not print.

What Piper should have written was : “How to live with an unqualified and anti-American socialist Left”.


The BBC News is being “fair”. Just look at the stories, from their website today. :wink:


Wow! I’m so in yur skin on the BBC! :wink: