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How To Live Under An Unqualified President by John Piper


Just a few hours after Mr. Trump tweeted “Tariffs are the greatest,” he tweeted:

The European Union is coming to Washington tomorrow to negotiate a deal on Trade. I have an idea for them. Both the U.S. and the E.U. drop all Tariffs, Barriers and Subsidies! That would finally be called Free Market and Fair Trade! Hope they do it, we are ready – but they won’t!


Interesting. He keeps the kettle boilin’.


For those who rely, even partially, on Snopes.


I could google it but what is ‘in yur skin’?


Means 'I’m juding the situation the same as you are" I think…


It could also mean, you might become a zombie. :wink:



Oh man, I’m doing everything I can to stay out of the realm of RandyKOZ’s!!


How about TruthOrFiction? Anything “fake” about their findings?


Never heard of them!


Hmmmm…I detect humor in this:

As government involvement in our healthcare has increased, the problem has only gotten worse, which is obviously the fault of the free market. If we are to fix this problem, we must turn to the obvious solution. We must hand control of our healthcare over to the most trustworthy entity of all: the government of the United States.

When has the government ever lied to us? When has the government ever failed to follow through on a promise? When has the government ever been proven to be inept, inefficient, or ineffective, pray tell? Can’t think of a single time? I didn’t think so. That’s because they are masters of making good, moral decisions, keeping their word, and managing even trillions of dollars with frugality and honesty.

The government has proven time and again it is the solution to any problem, from turmoil in the Middle East to the drug war to the war on terror. And that’s why it’s high time to wrest control of our healthcare away from the greedy for-profit corporations whom we can no longer trust, and hand it over to the trustworthy, caring, nurturing federal politicians who love us so.

Bare reason compel us to accept the only logical solution to the imminent healthcare disaster the government created: hand full control of healthcare to the government. -BabylonBee


Here is an interesting news item today.

This one is from the Patheos evangelical newsletter.

Let me also share this interesting email, that I received today - from a local community church:

When Life Stinks.
A Letter from Ray K.

In case you missed it, scientific researchers in Switzerland recently discovered $3 million worth of gold and silver flow through Swiss sewers every year. Ummmm…yes, I kid you not. While I don’t know what Einstein would have thought of sifting through the malodorous sludge most of us want to pretend doesn’t exist, the idea has brilliantly paid off.

Scientists propose American cesspools could contain even greater amounts of uncollected booty. Based on one study, that seems to be the case. Arizona State University accumulated sewage samples from around the country and measured metal content by use of a mass spectrometer, i.e., a big yucky waste checker-outer. Sure enough, they hit pay dirt [pun intended]. As much as $13 million worth of gold, silver and other precious plunder is contained in the dark fetid forgotten waters swirling beneath our feet, putting a new spin on the notion of “waste management.”

When reading the above-sited studies, I wondered, Is some nugget of truth about life hidden within these scientific, albeit unsavory, findings? As the image of ASU researchers slogging through dark murky currents with gas masks, waders and five pairs of rubber gloves covering their hands courageously collecting samples of sewage flashed in my brain, I had a thought. The researchers deserve an A+ for envisioning the potential good to be found in the darkest of the mire.

Weird, I know, but I also thought of King David who wrote, “The waters have come up to my neck. I sink in the miry depths…the floods engulf me.” Now, it’s safe to assume David wasn’t drowning in an ancient sewer. However, he was experiencing a very difficult time in his life. Yet in the miry darkness, he found some precious realities. He discovered the mercy, love, and closeness of God which brought hope. When he embraced those priceless truths, he was able to say, “I will praise God’s name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving.”

Let’s face it. Sometimes life really stinks. Like schlepping through a dark sewer, we stumble our way through times of loss, illness, broken relationships, financial difficulties and so much more. Along the way, it’s so easy to stare at the sludge. But what if we looked instead beyond the filth and searched for treasure? Every situation contains bad and good. We can choose what we’ll focus on. Next time the sewery depths seem to be overtaking you, don’t search for gold; search for God who is merciful, loving and close. With him, as David puts it, comes the hope of sure rescue from the mire!

Here’s an interesting border story today, from the Dark Web News


Well, there does seem to be sarcasm expressed in the letter. Yet, I do believe that a governmental health care system is superior to the private systems. In Canada, health care is operated by the various provincial governments. Here in Ontario (Canada’s most heavily populate province) the free health care system has worked well for me. (Though it’s not quite “free”; every taxpayer must contribute a certain portion of his income to health care). Some have complained that there’s a too long wait before receiving treatment. I have never had that problem.


I can only speak for my experience with the USA government.
It’s corrupt, immoral, greedy, wasteful…it needs to be gone, at least the politicians and bureaucrats, and us get back to the Constitution.
I would not trust a government agency with a mule.


Your obviously sincere compassion for your mule is an admirable and noble sentiment. However, you had better watch out. Socialism, which is inexorably being force-fed to us poor souls north of the border, appears to be raising its ugly head in the good ol’ USA.

They will come for your mule, then they’ll come for your children (even more so than they already have), and then they will come for you.


Thanks for that incisive and and totally downer remark, Norm! :slight_smile: lol
As long as I"ve got guns and ammo, I feel…oh wait, they want to take that away.
As long we the People are being fairly represented…oh wait, that’s ship has sailed away.
Nevertheless, as long as the Supreme Court remains apolitical…same ship as above…
Surely noone would even vote for a socialist candidate who wants to give everyone free education, free health care, free this and that - and cannot answer the question: where will the money come from…oh wait…she did win an election, and Uncle Bernie is still in the game too.
Well I can always move North…uh oh…


Well, I’m with you bro, the multitude of the left and the media are at odds with the American right, the conservatives, and libertarians. The media in the outside countries, are also totally against the current administration. But, there is hope.:smile:


Yes there is!


Yes, real journalism is mostly extinct now. One of my chief complaints and one of the reason I hate (yes Hate!) the left AND the right. I literally hate them both. Most of the world would do good to to ignore the news and popular social media sites. They might just then view their fellow humans as more than just evil/good once they get to know them. There is a lot of mindless jumping on and off the bandwagon as a result of media and social media.

I am a techie and I was quite upset when I read an article on making fun of trump because he apparently (I say apparently, because the phrase could have been metaphorically used) didn’t know that stealth planes are not invisible to the eye, just radar. I thought of all things complain about Trump, you resort to petty and stupid things like this? Sad and quite pathetic.

Then years ago, I remember fox news saying Obama wasn’t an american because he drank tea instead of coffee. I remember at the same time, thinking the same thing. How petty?

Basically instead of talking about policies, they have made it personal.

George MacDonald said something beautiful in one of his sermons that relates to this:

“As far as we can see, the men of whom this was spoken were men who resisted the truth with some amount of perception that it was the truth; men neither led astray by passion, nor altogether blinded by their abounding prejudice; men who were not excited to condemn one form of truth by the love which they bore to another form of it; but men so set, from selfishness and love of influence, against one whom they saw to be a good man, that they denied the goodness of what they knew to be good, in order to put down the man whom they knew to be good, because He had spoken against them, and was ruining their influence and authority with the people by declaring them to be no better than they knew themselves to be. Is not this to be Satan? to be in hell? to be corruption? to be that which is damned? Was not this their condition”

People hated Trump and Obama so much, that they denied any good they did in order to put them down. MacDonald’s lesson holds true today. We no longer judge right from wrong, and instead are willing to call good evil, and evil good just because we hate a person. That is totally sad and pathetic and pretty much explains the far left and the far right. How “far” is debatable, but we can certainly take from Solomon’s wisdom found in Proverbs 18:17 “The first to plead his case seems right, Until another comes and examines him.” But many are not even interested in knowing the other side of a particular story.

It would be nice if our country could debate the issues, civilly and respectfully… But, I think we are long past that. I suspect as we become more and more diverse with tolerance for all cultures, we will become more and more divided until we implode. That isn’t to say I think tolerance is wrong, it isn’t… But too many groups want their hands in the pot and many are not willing to co-exist or compromise.


Do I see a husband and wife dispute, in today’s BBC news item?


I’m glad Trump has put tariffs on Chinese goods. China has been stealing our intellectual property for way too long. I’ll still vote for his Dem opponent in 2020, but at least he’s done THAT. A broken clock is right twice a day!