How To Live Under An Unqualified President by John Piper


Who’s living 1984? One guess -


Guys minimising poor behaviour towards girls… well nothing new in that. :roll_eyes:


Obviously this part of the thread is instigated by the Brett Kavanaugh appointment. As to the minimizing of anything, I would say you may be right. Just watched the movie Chappaquiddick and if a small amount of the story was true, Kennedy obviously screwed up in a big way and had some soul searching to do at some point. Our actions have consequences, and though our lives can be totally ruined by things we do if we own up, the greater good will I believe prevail. But it takes some real guts to do it.


Here’s an interesting story, from today’s BBC news

We can spend money, in developing the latest - and greatest - weapon systems (except for Russian and China, which are major competitors). But we can’t keep the software systems, up to date. What does that tell you?

And use the Google search engine - over Bing. Another lesson learned, from today’s BBC news.


Well, never go into a foreign embassy…if you are viewed as an enemy.

President Trump is “publicly” demanding an answer - from the Saudis. As long as it doesn’t effect, our multi-billion dollar trade and military deals with them.

But today the UN chimed in, according to the BBC article - demanding answers

But Turkey also has its issues. Like the 2 year detention, of a Christian minister.