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How To Live Under An Unqualified President by John Piper


Who’s living 1984? One guess -


Guys minimising poor behaviour towards girls… well nothing new in that. :roll_eyes:


Obviously this part of the thread is instigated by the Brett Kavanaugh appointment. As to the minimizing of anything, I would say you may be right. Just watched the movie Chappaquiddick and if a small amount of the story was true, Kennedy obviously screwed up in a big way and had some soul searching to do at some point. Our actions have consequences, and though our lives can be totally ruined by things we do if we own up, the greater good will I believe prevail. But it takes some real guts to do it.


Here’s an interesting story, from today’s BBC news

We can spend money, in developing the latest - and greatest - weapon systems (except for Russian and China, which are major competitors). But we can’t keep the software systems, up to date. What does that tell you?

And use the Google search engine - over Bing. Another lesson learned, from today’s BBC news.


Well, never go into a foreign embassy…if you are viewed as an enemy.

President Trump is “publicly” demanding an answer - from the Saudis. As long as it doesn’t effect, our multi-billion dollar trade and military deals with them.

But today the UN chimed in, according to the BBC article - demanding answers

But Turkey also has its issues. Like the 2 year detention, of a Christian minister.


Is our health care system broken? See BBC article:

See chart we we have the highest health care cost - in the world (from article):


Oh, no! This is terrible! SIMPLE TERRIBLE! And it comes from today’s BBC online news.

Let me quote a bit - from the story.

The occult turned partisan on Saturday as a coven of New York witches placed a hex on US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Dozens attended the event at Brooklyn’s Catland Books, which was also streamed online.

Organisers said the event was “an act of resistance and resilience”.

A Catholic priest and exorcist in California, Father Gary Thomas, planned to counter the spell by saying prayers for the justice at Mass.

And it gets even WORSE

Well, folks may laugh…when I present my theory…that the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE…is the most probable, end-times tribulation scenario. But we might be seeing, the beginning right here.

But let’s at least smile a bit first…with some stuff from today’s Sunil Bali newsletter:

Put downs by comedians to hecklers:

I’m sorry can’t understand what you’re saying. I’m wearing a moron filter - Arthur Smith

Your bus leaves in 10 minutes. Be under it - John Cooper Clarke

What are you so angry about? Has the price of Play Dough gone up? - Henning Wehn

Well it’s a night out for him and a night off for his family - Jack Dee

Pay attention madam and you’ll realise that we have several things in common, not just the beard– Markus Birdman


I couldn’t help but notice, this BBC news article today:

But on the positive side…more jobs have opened up, according to today’s Dark Web news:


Hopefully, with the Dims taking the House, they can put a stop to all this economic growth, low unemployment, domestic oil production, bringing jobs and businesses back to the USA, etcetc.
And there will be free vegemite sandwiches for all!!

Actually, I’ve read and heard this as well, which is GREAT news:

Despite all appearances, the Democratic takeover of the House increases the odds of Trump’s reelection in 2020.


The market generally prefers polarized gridlocked government.


Well the market should be pretty danged happy now!


Well, the BBC was interviewing, some female Republican senator. … before the election results were in. She wanted the Democrats, to win the house. So there would be, a balance of power. If the president is not getting all the Republicans on board - with his agenda. Then can you blame the common men and women? Just my 2 cents worth.

This is from today’s Patheos’ Catholic newsletter:


He was a winner in this election. I just hope he can continue to make America great again. The Dems do not want that, apparently - at least they have shouted down the red hats with MAGA on them. Why, I wonder?

In any case it looks like Dems will be directing efforts in an astoundingly stupid way:
“In post-election chats with various callers while riding the Acela train, House Judiciary Committee ranking member Jerrold Nadler revealed plans to investigate and impeach Justice Brett Kavanaugh and President Trump.”
Really??? That’s what they have sunk to??
Well we just have to wait and see.


It’s nearly Christmas, Dave and company. We should all be of good cheer and merriment. Here’s something to cheer everyone up!

Just a footnote here. Didn’t the Democrats chiefly run on “health care”? It appears that s still a BIG issue, for folks in America.


Both parties are guilty of party politics, there is no real understanding of how these people work. If any of you can fill in those blanks then please do so, but my view is that they are in it for them selves just as I am in my own job. I want the best job for the best money… Pure and simple.:roll_eyes:




There are some political leaders who really do care about the condition of the people, and who sacrifice their own interests in order to improve that condition.


It’s interesting the number of women, people voted to Senate and/or House positions. Two were Muslim and one was Native American, according to the TV and Internet news reports.


Show me a few, or hell, one in the American political landscape that are sacrificing their own interests…


What do you make of the following exchange?