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How To Live Under An Unqualified President by John Piper


Interesting you say that. I read an interview with Steve Bannon where he says one of Mr Trumps greatest strengths is to get people to focus on some obscure issue that really amounts to very little, but because of the way he approaches it, he is despised, all the while it frees him up to focus on what he really wanted to do unfettered.


That comment by Bannon may well be accurate except that border security is definitely not an “obscure issue” for the US, nor for Canada, nor for any other free nation. At least, several of the European countries, mostly in Eastern Europe, have grasped that fact and are taking steps to deal with it. So is Donald Trump despite the rabid opposition he is up against.


Top 2018 achievements. Campaign promises kept, all good for the USA.
Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court
Confronting China
Middle-Class Wages Rise
U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Deal
Ending the Iran Nuclear Deal
Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem
Smashing the ISIS Caliphate and Exiting Syria
Increasing Minority Jobs
Holding the Line with Migrant Caravans
Record American Oil Production

It would be nice to have only Americans comment on this, either for or against.




Maintenanceman has put up a video of a great speech from Admiral McRaven on another thread. But since I want to offer a critical viewpoint of the speaker on political grounds, that seemed more appropriate to do over here.

I do make my bed every morning (as per the admiral’s speech), and am a better person for it! And I appreciate McRaven’s military service. Nevertheless, he seems to now be leaning left politically; and unlike him, I can’t find too much to commend about former CIA director John Brennan.

Here is a negative viewpoint of Admiral McRaven for your consideration. I can’t corroborate everything in it, except that the admiral’s friend John Brennan is indeed on record as having voted for Communist Party leader Gus Hall in the 1976 presidential election:


Thanks Norm


Oops - sorry!


Okay, Dave. I want to make it “nice” for you… so, as a Canadian, I will just say “No comment.”


Thanks Don. It’s not that I want it ‘nice’ though - I just want it for parties with a vested interest in what Trump has been doing for our country.
I could just watch CNN and find out what Canada and Australia think - but they are not part of the discussion on what Trump has done - so far, for America.



Attaboy, right on cue.


As an American, I don’t really believe any single person has enough power to shift this country in any meaningful way. The president is powerful, no doubt, but if the people overall are against him, then he would literally be able to do nothing. The fact is, culturally we are a split people. I would estimate that 25% hard left, 25% hard right, and the rest of us are in the middle. I saw value in Obama, and in Trump, on certain policies.

Politics in America is now very ugly. This is a case where no one wants to take the high ground. I do find democrats more hypocritical in this regard overall, because they talk the big talk (most of them are idealist college students, it seems) but ultimately are just as hateful towards others that they hate.

The “righteous right” is also hypocritical, as they profess to follow Jesus, but demand more about their rights than they do about helping others. I guess we are all just a bunch of hypocrites at times. It seems to be humanity’s weakness… :frowning:


This site was recommended to me…by a PhD. person, in the Eastern Orthodox OCA church…He works in statistics, at the University of Chicago…it was after I asked him a question, on polling samples.


Luckily, President Trump didn’t send this tweet. :wink:


Oh Dear! Of My! Just take a gander, at today’s BBC news story!



Aw, shoot. Turns out that Romney - well, he was right in some things, but WAY off the mark in others. And here I thought we’d settled the question.


Yes impressive plus NK was firing missiles over Japan and threatening us & others every other day and at least that stopped even though negotiations are apparently stalled.


For me the great achievement is the conservative Judges, holding that check and balance that our Republic is in need of.

For others… Notice I did not say Democracy. :wink:


Well… Trump didn’t attempt to justify his actions in a general matter—nor did he point out errors in Romney’s thinking. He just dismissed Romney from consideration with the words, “I won big, and he didn’t!”