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In the Bible do we go to Heaven or Hell?

Here In the Bible Do People go to.doc (25 KB) is a brief attached page sketching thoughts on whether the Bible speaks of going to heaven and hell.

So it means that we’re living in Heaven and if we obey God’s commands, after death we’ll be in a true Heaven? But I don’t belive we are in Heaven now. :wink: If I misunderstood, sorry for that.


Thanks for asking. I was only saying that one Biblical usage is that when we do God’s will we partially experience ‘heaven’ defined as where God is especially present. But if you are thinking of ‘heaven’ as the perfect and complete fulfillment of God’s program in the future, then my main point is arguing that the Biblical emphasis is that this happens in the “new earth.”

Grace be with you,

Hi, Bob

I think you have good points here. People get confused about “heaven” and “hell.” The kingdom of heaven IS here and now, and it is net yet as well. But the “kingdom of heaven” doesn’t necessarily refer to “going to heaven when we die.” I think it more accurately refers to the rule, or rulership of God in our lives. Thus the kingdom of heaven begins when we start to follow Jesus and continues to grow in our lives – possibly in perpetuity.

Our ultimate destination is here on earth – made new by our Lord Jesus. Perhaps we will make a temporary home in the celestial heaven, or perhaps not – depending on where you stand regarding soul sleep prior to resurrection. But the point is that yes, scripture teaches our ultimate home is the earth. And that’s where Father will be, too – tabernacling amongst us! It’s exceedingly odd, imo, how we have managed to skew this off center as we have.

Love in Jesus, Cindy


Thanks. You always seem gracious and sharp to me. Maybe because we interpret so many things in the Scripture similarly, and I agree with all of your observations here :wink:

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