Index to Gregory MacD's EU


(Note to admins: this might be better moved or duped somewhere else. I just made an educated guess. :smiley: )

Readers who’ve bought EU (or read some reviews) know that it doesn’t have an index. (Indexes are very difficult to make, btw.)

Fortunately, provides what amounts to a searchable index feature: the book is listed with Search Inside. In some ways, better than an index in the back of the book! :smiley:

I mention this because I just used the SITB feature myself to check to see if Gregory made any reference to the link between Psalm 23 (the Shepherd’s Psalm) and the second half of RevJohn 19 (where the butt-kicking of the unrighteous is commencing.) :mrgreen:

So I thought I’d share. :sunglasses:

"Everlasting" in Jude 6
The Resurrection Body
Fallen Angels?
My Sister, still-births, and abortions
Rob Bell's "Love Wins"- Chapter Study
Is God More Than One Person?
Anyone ever thought of this?

Hmmmm. I had not thought of using that feature as an index (although I know where most of the things in my book are so I guess I can find them pretty quck)


I think we need to put this tip somewhere more prominent. It would be neat to be able to link to the search more directly. I can’t seem to figure out how to do that yet. However, I do think a real Index would be better for topical searches…

So any volunteers?


Well, at the time I posted this, I didn’t know quite as much about my mod powers as I do now (and never had any admin powers to speak of. Not anyone’s fault, just a weird quirk of my internet access as far as I can tell.)

However, I just copied it to the “Materials We Recommend” folder.

I would copy it to Gregory’s Corner, but Gregorobin :mrgreen: is the only moderator who has access to that folder. Someone with admin powers should be able to do it, though!


Any chance of a second edition of the EU, with indexes of scriptures, of topics, of authors/theologians? The book would be so much more useful in debates and discussions if it had these features. Another useful feature would be a chapter by chapter study guide. I’d offer to help with this but I’m a bit too busy at the moment.


I’ve suggested that to Robin a few times :smiley:

I’d also like to see a chapter addressing Calvin (for my Calvinist friends) and chapter addressing the relationship of EU to the Trinity.

He could also integrate the material from his excellent introduction to “All Shall Be Well”.