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Is Hell Biblical


The following is a recent e-mail from my friend Jonathan Mitchell, translator of the Jonathan Mitchell N.T.

Recently seven of us on the hell verses project team met in Denver at Peter Hiett’s church, The Sanctuary Downtown (Denver) to discuss some of the issues surrounding our understanding of the bible and the teaching of hell.

David and Elaine Lubbers along with Michael Hanna recorded our discussions.

There will be eight 20-30 minute videos from this effort entitled The Successful Savior Series on YouTube. This link will go to part one: “Is Hell Biblical?”


Thanks for the link to this series which is dedicated to the memory of Gary and Michelle Amirault of Tentmaker Ministries. Peter Hiett is one of my heroes and one of the first people that I heard preach Evangelical Universalism. Also check out one of his websites…

There’s a link to some fantastic videos from the likes of Robin Parry, Brad Jersak, Paul Young and Ilaria Ramelli etc. from the Forgotten Gospel Conference


Dear Kenanada: I appreciate the links & fully expect to explore them. Gary A. & his precious wife were both friends of ours. It was actually Michelle who was grasped by Jesus Christ first. Gary at that time an atheist, set out to prove her experience & her God false. Tentmaker happened down the road after our glorious Lord grasped Gary as well for Himself. It is wonderful these folks have dedicated this onoing series to a wonderful expression of His love & grace, Gary & Michelle.

Gary & Michelle


I watched the Parry video last night. It would have been good if had written about the trinitarian implications of hopeless punishment in his book TEU. That was the most interesting part of his speech IMO. Maybe he will in a future book?