Keith DeRose-Calvin's contemporary denounced killing Sevetus


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Who is Keith DeRose? Why might he believe that religiously inspired murder, effectively the cause of Christs,‘St Stephens and various disciples’ martyrdom, is somehow wrong 2000 years ago, and wrong 10 years ago when religiously inspired zealots flew planes into buildings to kill infidels (unfaithfuls), but okay 400 ago? There was something in the water?


Yale University, Allison Foundation Professor of Philosophy
He wrote: Keith DeRose’s Universalism & the Bible-The Really Good News
And was recently on the radio: Keith DeRose, Michael Horton & Rob Bell interviewed
He pointed Robin Parry (Gregory MacDonald) & I to Talbott’s The Inescapable Love of God :slight_smile:

What usually happens when someone (e.g. Talbott in The Inescapable Love of God) criticizes Calvin for approving of having Sevetus killed, is that the Calvinists say, “Oh, you’re just judging Calvin by 21st Century standards! In their context, it was acceptable.” :unamused: The helpful thing that Keith has found is that Calvin’s **contemporary **Castellio criticized Calvin, i.e. it was as wrong then, as it is now.


The wording of Geneva’s monument to Servetus is interesting:

Monument to Michael Servetus

Geneva’s monument to Michael Servetus is a rough-hewn rock about 3 meters (10 feet) tall with a plaque on it that reads, in French: ‘’We, respectful and grateful sons of Calvin our great reformer, condemning an error which was that of his century, and firmly committed to the freedom of conscience in accordance with the true principles of the Reformation and the Gospel, have erected this expiatory monument on October 27, 1903.’’

Read more at Suite101: Michael Servetus and an Uneasy Peace: October 27 Marks The Anniversary Of His Death | … z1Ms39eiRV


Oops. I just reread the DeRose quote. “I get it”. Obviously his contemporary wasn’t “unfairly judging” by 21st century standards.

And I was wondering who had sent me this conical paper hat, stool, and corner to sit in.

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