Keller and Carson on Hell and God’s Love (more details)



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So I don’t spam them, does someone please want to ask that they review Gregory of Nyssa’s Orthodox position? :mrgreen:


You’re a legend!


Alex, “or will it be one sided.” :laughing: That’s too funny. I guess they can tell, right out of the gate, where you are coming from.

I noticed in the list of names they don’t say Thomas Talbott, but maybe because he’s not a prominent figure for them. I wonder, then, if they know his book. Sonia’s probably asked it best already. It does sound like it’d be an interesting event to attend, just to see what they do cover and how they respond to those all important questions. I imagine, though, that their answers will probably be fairly predictable.

How encouraging is that, that all those voices are lending themselves to the debate and evangelical universalism is getting some attention. :stuck_out_tongue: Does look like the discussion is going to be one sided.


I submitted a few questions before I realized that JT hadn’t actually said the comments would be open for questions to be submitted for panel consideration.

So I’ve asked for clarification on this from Justin.


A balanced debate?!? There’s not a snowflake’s chance in hell…


Well, to be fair they’re kind of throwing this together at the last moment and trying to squeeze it into an already finalized schedule. Professional scholars, especially if they’re on teaching duty somewhere, have to be able to make arrangements a while in advance (and they might not know of any professionals who advocate Christian universalism.)





Let me emphasize that the person (“Tom”) who was replying to the questions as Alex reported (and who basically said afterward some things that for charity’s sake I would rather not repeat), was not JustinT or KevinDY, nor (so far as I know) any other teacher in “The Gospel Coalition” (the webring sponsoring the conference in Chicago.)


I’d just like to publicly thank all those (especially Jason & Andrew, although I’ve seen other familar faces there :sunglasses: ) who have been able to get involved with the comments on Justin Taylor’s blog. I think it makes a difference for people to see us patiently (as much as we are able) respond with thoughtful answers, rather than insults.


I just spent some time reading through the comments on that post–I agree, very nicely done!



That thread seems to have dried up now, so I’ve started to join in on this one…


I’ve been enjoying reading through the comments. It is tempting to join in, but you and Jason are doing a much better job than I could, and I’ve been pretty busy lately, so I’ll just kick back watch the fun.



I’m with you, Sonia. I’m enjoying kicking back and reading their interaction. You guys are great about the way you explain things!


Here’s an intersting link from the comments on a recent Justin Taylor post…

:astonished: Well, fancy that!


I loved Carson’s entry to pieces. :mrgreen: :laughing:

Reading too much of Reformed doctrine just makes me feel sick inside. I was hardly ever exposed to it when I was younger. Strange that I’m going to a Reformed church now, eh? :wink:


Stellar: Its been making me feel pretty nauseous too… all this rejoicing at the fate of the non-elect, anger, arrogant self-righteousness etc. It seems like the absolute opposite of the gospel to me, but what do I know? Any way it has been good to have some dialogue and help put EU on the map for the first time for many of these brothers and sisters.

So why are you attending that church - as a kind of 5th columnist? :slight_smile: My church youth worker is a fan of Driscoll and some of his teaching is good, but he can be a bit of a thug I think. He did a sermon about how “the Jesus of Revelation is a guy with a tattoo on his leg, a sword in his hand and a commitment to make someone bleed” and said that’s the Jesus he worships - he couldn’t worship a guy he could beat up! Very amusing, but sick. And very poor biblical exegesis - Greg Boyd blogged a brilliant rejoinder

I pray you can be salt and light there. Stay good!


I grew up on it. I was very depressed and didn’t know why. I felt guilty 'cause Christians are supposed to be charactarized by “joy.” :confused: And the so-called “Christian joy” that is unrelated to a feeling of happiness, but is based on the security of having escaped hell, just didn’t seem satisfying–it was too wistful and sad. :unamused:

When I first started seeing glimmers of the truth of UR, I felt a surge of hope–a hope indescribably grand, yet coupled with a matching fear. The fear that it might be too good to be true.

When I began to be convinced, then came joy–glorious beautiful joy–the kind that actually** feels** joyful! Only after reveling in that joy did I realize how much I had been under bondage to the doctrine of hell. I heard the crys of the lost, felt their pain, shuddered at the horror of their hopelessness. I had known of course that it was a sorrow to me, it didn’t make sense to me, I pleaded with God to save the lost. I just didn’t realize it was the source of my general constant state of unhappiness and morose negativity.

I’m glad to be done with that!