Post feedback/questions about the new forum in this thread


Please feel free to leave feedback/questions about the new forum here.


I LIKE it! Thanks for all the efforts of those responsible for this migration.


It’s certainly a different interface to navigate and may take some familiarizing to get used to it, as with anything new but it’s workable enough for me to adapt. I’m just glad it still exists lol. Kudos for the hard working contribution to the UR community, thou wise EU Lords.

If you fine folks don’t mind, I’d appreciate your well-thought, heartfelt feedback on my post “2nd Thoughts On PUR,” in the General Discussion On EU section as I’d like to make this a HUGE discussion from all angles, agreeable and disagreeable b/c of its continual importance in the developing fetus of the EU/CU nichè that is Purgatorial Universal Reconciliation and the Christian doctrine/subculture of UR at large. Please don’t fret, and if you feel compelled you may and are emphatically encouraged to invite/tag fellow members to charitably dialogue, debate, correct, rebuke, exhort, affirm, test, etc. (as Paul commands us) on this vital subject matter. Agapè, peace, and blessings to all of you, in Christ.


Here is an old and new comparison at Discourse vs phpBB detailed comparison as of 2018 - Slant . It’s easier to create hyperlinks. But I think some of the order threads moved forward, might not have reflected - all the latest updates. So far, so good. :smile:

You can include more links - in the signature. Which I like, in order to relate things to Christianity. Just click on my profile name - to see. :smile:

I found out, how to embed images - like this “good looking” chap. Who might just be a refugee, from the Zombie Apocalypse :wink:

And I’ve found out, how to embed a YouTube video - like this one about nerds. :smiley:

And did I also figure out, how to embed emoji here? :smile:

And if anyone wants, to know how to do this things - just ask me. :sunny:


Hi Alex. Thanks so much to you, and to everyone who made this successful migration happen.

I was wondering how to make edits to our own posts. I only only find these options available:

“Share a link”
“Privately flag”

But I don’t find an “Edit” option.

I have some broken links (pointing to things within the forum) and some formatting that need fixing.


PS This post does show an “Edit” option to me, with a pencil icon. But not my old published posts.



Easy to upload directly from your computer!


Click your avatar and you’ll see a list of ALL your previous posts.


Hmm… I’ll investigate.


By default it only allows people to edit for 300 seconds, however, given we’ve just migrated, I’ve changed that to 300,000,000 so hopefully that will allow you to edit your older posts?


Alex, I “spit the dummy.” (Just kidding :innocent:)

If anyone figures out how to edit old posts that were migrated, please let me know.



When you go to an old post now, do you get the pencil icon down the bottom?


And EASY to quote folks like Paidon here. And to embed YouTube videos, images and emoji…As I did, in my previous post. And I’ll be glad, to tell folks how - to do these things. But it might not be until tomorrow. I watch non-redeeming shows tonight. But just ask me and I’ll tell you how. :smile:


On the old forum i could login with my username. Here it allowed only email.


That’s puzzling :confused: Now that you’ve successfully logged in once, I wonder if it will let you use “Origen” next time…


Hey Alex, good job mate! I’m sure we’ll all get used to the new format soon enough. :ok_hand:


I just successfully tried logging in with the username “Origen”. My former username of “Origen;” received a message of an incorrect username or password.


How is quoting & multi-quoting done here?

I highlighted & copied to get the quote into my previous post, but it didn’t distinguish between user comments.


If you select the text in someone’s post, it should pop-up a “Quote” button. Alternatively, you could type in something like:

How is quoting & multi-quoting done here?

or if you want it to also include a link to the original comment:

[quote="Origen, post:18, topic:12828"]
How is quoting & multi-quoting done here?


Thank you, Alex.

When i click on my name it says Origen & beneath it Origen;

So have i been reduced from Origen; to Origen. Or am i now a split personality. This can’t be good for morale.


No pencil, Alex. But thanks for all your hard work! :clap: :muscle: