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Hi Alex, is there a place to see who is online, how many guests blah blah?

Also, what does flagging actually do?


Well, Chad. Until Alex gets back:

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Well, I know a bit about flagging on other sites and forums, my question was more on the lines of are the flags just alerting admins, or alerting others on the forum and what measures or consequences will go with being flagged?

Thanks Randy.


Is there a ‘tag’ function?


There’s a Wiki article on Discourse at Discourse on Wiki. The Wiki article says there are Tag functions.


Thanks Randy. It looks like the admin/mods have to enable the kind of tag function we are used to.


Looks like it’s used to alert Moderators/Admins about something you’re concerned about and then it’s up to them to chose what to do with that.


Thanks Alex :grinning:


Sorry, What is a ‘tag’ function?


When users create topics they can optionally attach tags. Users can tag topics with one or more tags, auto watch tags as desired, list all tags and filter topics by tag. Site administrators can decide whether or not to allow users to create new tags, who can create new tags, which tags can be used in a category and also create groups tag.- wiki

MM - say I posted something and wanted to make sure that you were aware of it. In the old system I could ‘tag’ you and you would be automatically be informed.


Thanks… A thing popped up that my reply needed to be at least 20 characters. New stuff :roll_eyes:


Okay, @DaveB I think you flagged this topic. I “ignored” the flag so it wouldn’t count against anybody because I’m guessing you were just trying to figure things out. If you want to tag someone, you just start typing their name (as in the old forum, the name has to be exact) and if you pause a bit, a list of names will pop up, probably without your even finishing their name. Choose the one that belongs to the person you want to tag. That creates the tag. They don’t get an e-mail (at least I think they don’t), but they’ll get a notification on their avatar (I think) that they’ve been tagged. I tagged you, so you can confirm or else correct that bit of speculative information. :wink:


Dagnabbit, that is just swell, neato and boss.
Thanks kindly!

Is there a tag button or something? I tried typing a couple of exact names here in the body of the msg and no joy.


And yes, your tagging me worked. How did you do it exactly?


Let me try again… Oh yes. You have to type the @ sign first and then (without making a space) you start typing the person’s name. :blush: Sorry…


Well let’s just try that out, shall we?



Yay!!! You DID it!!! :smiley:


I am soooo smart and nerdy…not :roll_eyes:

Thanks Cindy.


if you want to find the answer, on a topic. just type in the question into Google and add the words “on Discourse”. You will normally find the right answer, on a Discourse discussed forum. Speaking of which. I did provide an answer to Chad. Along with 2 links. He quoted me in his reply. But I noticed that post is gone. Any ideas, administrators?


Well, I just got a notice that I have went over my limit of replies on my first day, which is odd because it is 5am and it was my first attempt at a reply this morning. It told me to wait 2 hours and try again. :astonished:

So it’s 12:29pm and now letting me reply. Wow. We’ll see what happens :slightly_smiling_face: