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Post feedback/questions about the new forum in this thread


Hi, Chad. I think Discourse was installed. But it still needs to be tuned yet. Which means they need, to override certain defaults. And allow the options, as much as possible … with the look and feel, that folks had on PHPBB. And perhaps OPTIMIZE some things - like the Postgresql database.

I did send a mail to Alex…Where I mentioned an old post of mine (a long one, mind you)…did not reflect the latest updates from PHPBB - and why.

But the fact that this forum is up and running, without any MAJOR incidents - is a good start. :smile:


I’m experiencing a technical issue with trying to unlike a post. Anybody else going through this or know how to rectify it?!


There appears to be a time limit, to unlike a like…according to the forum discussion at Unliking a post, I hope this helps.


I agree. It will all work out. :wink:


I don’t like that when someone edits a post, you now see what changes were made.


It was showing as hidden by @Cindy_Skillman but I assume that was accidental so I unhide it :smile:


By default, the migration made everyone either a “new user” (level 0) or “basic user” (level 1). It automatically increases your level as you do stuff but as it’s inconvenient, I’ve manually just made you a “regular” (level 3) There’s also a
“member” (level 2) but you’ve posted a lot over the years so made sense skip that.

If anyone else if is having similar issues, just let an administrator know (it’s the 6th item under “Permissions” in the “Users” section of the “Admin” area).


No probs, by default it’s like Facebook, which shows edits, however, I’ve now unchecked “edit history visible to public” (in Admin, “Settings”) so hopefully, that does what you’re after…


By default, you have 10 minutes to change your mind but I’ve now changed that to 60 minutes (in Admin, “Settings”, “post undo action window mins”).


I thought I just added a long post. And edited it several times. But it seems to have disappeared. Any ideas, administrators? It was added and edited - in this forum thread…Several minutes before I added this one. And I normally don’t accidentally delete threads.

In it, I just volunteered to help answer questions - when Alex is not available. By researching the appropriate discourse discussion. And giving some software engineering and writing background, that qualifies me as an SME (Subject Matter Expert). I like to know, what happened to my thread post here.

Or should I, as a precaution…edit and save a copy, in Google Docs - before posting?

Also, I asked Alex if there was a way…to check the word count, on a PHPBB and Discourse post. As I embed many of my posts, in my theology introduction here. And many additions I save from other posts, appear to be missing there.

If you wish to know, what I am about theologically. Just click on my name and follow the links given. They explain everything, like Eastern Orthodoxy, Zen and Zombies - and how they relate to Christianity.

And there are people out there, with better qualifications than I have. The character Eugene in The Walking Dead, has 3 PhD degrees. And Bruce Banner (AKA Hulk), has 7 PhD degrees. But there is a Roman Catholic saint (I forget the name), who just rang church bells. And at the end of the day, God will see that person as MORE accomplished than the 2 fictional, PhD holders.

“The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything.”-- Author Unknown


i found the thread referred to, in my prior post. It was under the dialogue with Alex box, but NOT reflected in the current thread. Here’s what I’ve said:

I use my theology thread, as a place to hold interesting things I say - in other threads. I’ve included other thread info in it. Like the discussion I added, regarding a miracle in Non-Christian religions. Which I did in the thread, here entitled Salvation For the Dead. It looks like things were truncated. But I could be wrong. But I’m sure my memory, doesn’t fault me yet. Is there a way, to compare the word count…between a PHPBB post and the migrated Discourse post? That’s probably the easiest way to check.

Just a note to everyone. Alex is the person, with the REAL answers here. As he is the SME (Subject Matter Expert), discussing these things. But I have a deep understanding, of what goes on - behind the scenes. And can point folks to, the right discussions on Discourse forums.

For the record, I used to be involved - in all phases of software engineering. As a consultant, for companies like United Airlines, Allstate and Discover Card. And did things, as an employee of Motorola. Like run Apache web servers on Unix. And work on Oracle and Microsoft SQL Servers. Which means I can understand, the Discourse discussions - before I post them.

I’m committed to help be, a source of information. To make things here a success. But Alex is the MAN.

Regarding a previous question on edits. I have taken many courses, on creative writing at COD. And have worked, as a technology copywriter. Perfecting writing, involved a series of editorial efforts. If someone gets EVERYTHING right the first time… they probably don’t have anything interesting to say… Especially on long posts.

Now, I am officially retired. And spend my time, doing relaxing things. Like creating a balance…between doing things, like perfecting popular romance and Asian languages…with watching non-redeeming shows, like The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead.


I was just wondering, where we can we send our contributions?


Folks can find a large selection, of Profile backgrounds and User Card backgrounds - royalty free - at Pixabay.


No idea, Alex. I must have accidentally hit some button somewhere. Sorry, Randy. I didn’t intend to hide any posts.


No problem, Cindy. We are all getting used, to the new software…Both admins and users alike. :smile:


Is there a way when I click on a thread that I skip to the very latest post?



The bar on the right allows you to zoom to the end or even faster, click on the date/time stamp there (see arrow below):


Thanks for asking, please see Forum running costs :slight_smile:


I’ve just put a frozen copy of the old forum on my “.org” domain in case anyone really needs to check the formatting or whatever of an old post. However, please don’t share or link to it from anywhere else as I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep it up and I don’t want it to have much traffic or to affect our Google ranking.


I did a search on the old Forum. And nothing came up for my posts, when I clicked on view your posts. So I can’t really compare, the old My Holy Fool Theology and this new forum version. I’m working on 2 theories:

  • Either the post is too long and got truncated in the export

  • Or the new software limits, what can be seen - in the migrated post

What I did is cut and paste, what was displayed here (on the new forum). And put it into Word Counter - 56,932 words 342,497 characters. Unless I can acess the old post via a search. And run the same test. I can’t tell which hypothesis (if any) appears correct - of the two mentioned above.

But if I can access the old post - via a search. Or you provide me the direct link. I can then run the same test, on what is displayed there. And we should have a VERY CLOSE, word and character count.

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