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Professor Ilaria Ramelli & her Apokatastasis project

, they"]Professor Ramelli has been Professor of History of the Roman Near East, and Assistant of History of Ancient Philosophy since 2003 at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan. She is internationally recognised as one of the foremost scholars of classic and early Christian literature and thought. As well as holding a number of senior visiting positions, including Senior Visiting Professor in Greek Thought (classical and Patristic) at NYU and Harvard, Ramelli is also scientific Consultant, member of directive and scientific boards of scholarly series and journals, and the Director of a number of international projects, including Director of the international Oxford Workshop on “The Soul in the Origenian Tradition.” Her contribution to her field and outstanding publication record contributed to her inclusion in the publications Great Minds of the 21st Century and 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century. Lastly she has been awarded the Salute to Greatness Medal 2013 (Cambridge, UK) for Philosophy, Patristics, and Classics.Impressive resume!

, they"]Nominated by Prof. George Boys-Stones (Classics and Ancient History) during her visit to Durham Prof. Ramelli plans to investigate how pre-Christian and non-Christian philosophers (esp. Stoics and, even more, Platonists) conceived of Apokatastasis: in the cosmological (Stoic) sense, this designates a cyclical restoration of the cosmos after its destruction and resolution into the Logos i.e. the supreme deity, Zeus. In the metaphysical and psychological (Platonic) sense, Apokatastasis indicates the restoration of the soul and its salvation. One big question within Platonism is whether this restoration will ultimately be universal or not. This is an important theme in imperial and late antique Platonism and Ramelli plans to investigate this and how this relates to the Christian doctrine of Apokatastasis.Exciting stuff.

Interesting indeed. I will make a prediction though. I don’t believe that any person not infused with the holy spirit of God can believe that God will ultimately reconcile with every wretched, evil creature that ever lived. (Including Hitler, Judas, Saddam, bin laden, etc.)Not to mention even the devil himself.
Such love and grace and mercy cannot be fathomed by the carnal mind, IMO. :astonished:

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Very interesting. I’m seeking confirmation on Ilaria’s position regarding universalism for my list: do you know what that might be? And does anyone have a quote to back it up? :slight_smile:

When her monstrously expensive tome arrives, I may be able to find a quote. :wink:

So you ordered it, Jason?

Yep. Debated for a while whether to let the cost drop first, but then I decided to honor Dr. Ramelli’s work and express my gratitude for it by contributing to her asap.

(Having no wife or children, thus also not much of a life, I can afford to spend money like this on occasion. :wink: )

I’m 95% sure she’s a universalist, only hesitation is that because she’s a Catholic, she might not be dogmatic about it…

You might be able to find a quote in … rigin.html ?

I’ve also emailed her to see if she’s interested in doing a guest post (& asking her is I can post the interesting paper she did titled, “Augustine and the Doctrine of Universal Restoration” - the one presented at

I’ve also talked to Robin about him reading the academic volume & doing a review.

Good on you Jason, I’m glad you’re able to do that. I’ll be buying one too, mainly for the same reason. Heck, I’d pay a plumber more just to fix a hot water cylinder!

Thanks Alex! I’ll add her under hopeful universalists and hunt for a quote (I might wait til Jason gets the book) :slight_smile: And that augustine was a universalist in his earlier years!!! Wow - sooooo hoping I can add him to disputed universalists on my little list … :slight_smile:

Well, instead of “disputed” he would count as “deconverted”, if ProfRam is right!

Which would explain some of his pushyness about Jerome, who also seems to have started out a universalist (following Origen but not on the pre-existence and other things of that sort), but denounced his universalism repeatedly once Augustine became popular.

Jerome, too, huh? I think that if quotes can be found I should add Augustine and Jerome under ‘disputed’ making a note they are ex-universalists since it’ll make the list even more comprehensive (and many, like myself, might never have realised that some big-name fathers changed their minds or vacillated about personal eschatology)

I’ve added Augstine and Jerome, but need quotes to show their former universalist beliefs

It would be interesting to find out what caused Augustine’s move to holding eternal concious torment.

I think Ramelli argues that Augustine primarily became ECT over misunderstandings, but those who’ve read her work can tell you more …

The book should have shipped by now, but I recently got an email from B&N saying it was delayed. :frowning:

Ratfratzit!! – now BN is saying they’re cancelling my order!

Is the book not going to come out after all for a while? :frowning:

:astonished: :confused:

Her book’s page at Brill still takes preorders:

darn !, I knew I shouldn’t have gotten hitched :laughing:

I don’t suppose you’d be interested in buying me a copy, too. :slight_smile:

Does anyone know if a less expensive paperback version is planned?

I’m really eager to read this volume.

Based on something I read recently in another thread, the delay would seem to be due to getting the index ready – always a difficult chore, but one I greatly appreciate. :slight_smile:

The Brill website referenced above now lists Ramelli’s book coming out in July.