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Raising Hell by Julie Ferwerda

[size=150]Raising Hell by Julie Ferwerda[/size]

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Have you ever wondered…do earthly parents love their children more than God loves us? Does God ask you to forgive your enemies—as many times as necessary—when He is not willing to do the same? Is being punished forever for sins committed in a short lifetime really a demonstration of justice? Does everybody get the same fair chance to believe in Jesus before they die? Most of all, if hell is mankind’s worst possible fate, and if God is truly loving, then…

  • Why does He fail to mention hell in Genesis as the price for sin?
  • Why doesn t the Old Testament ever speak of hell?
  • Why does Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles, never once mention hell?
  • Why was hell not part of early Church established doctrine?

Dare to question. What have you got to lose? If you’ve ever had doubts or questions about the justification for eternal torment, Raising Hell will open your eyes to a radical new look at God’s love for all mankind—and what the Good News is really about. Picking up where Rob Bell and others leave off, Julie Ferwerda offers compelling evidence as to why she now believes the doctrine of eternal torment is the biggest deception of the modern Church.

It’s available in many forms, paperback, 99c Kindle, even a free pdf! See


Setting the stage… 1

Part 1: Hell: Fact or Fiction? 9
Chapter 1: Lost and Found 13
Chapter 2: Questioning Hell 17
Chapter 3: Who Is Going to Hell? 27
Chapter 4: Who’s Responsible for Lost Souls? 33
Chapter 5: The Missing Hell 39
Chapter 6: When Hell Became “Gospel Truth” 51
Chapter 7: Satan Wins, God Loses? 59

Part 2: Love Does Not Fail… 71
Chapter 8: Love Never Fails for Children 73
Chapter 9: Love Never Fails the Helpless and the Hopeless 81
Chapter 10: Love Never Fails With Enemies 89
Chapter 11: Love Never Fails for Any…or All 107
Chapter 12: Tracing Gospel History 127

Part 3: Hebrew Perspectives on Scripture 137
Chapter 13: Hebrew ABCs 139
Chapter 14: Eternity vs. Ages 145
Chapter 15: The Purpose of the Ages 157
Chapter 16: Two Major Covenants 163
Chapter 17: The Great Harvests 175
Chapter 18: Necessary Evil? 191
Chapter 19: What God Wants, God Gets 199
Chapter 20: Lazarus and the Rich Man 213
Chapter 21: Redefining the Soul 221
Chapter 22: Leaving the Calf Path for Good 229

Part 4: Resources 237
The Scriptures: For Scholars or Common People? 239
Simple Steps for Identifying Mistranslations 243
Common Misunderstandings of Scripture 253
You’ve Got Questions For Me? 261
Talking Points 273
Verses Proclaiming God Will Save ALL 279
Further Reading and Study 281
Thank You 287
Endnotes 289

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