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Terms for Eternity: Aiônios & Aïdios in Classical & Christia


Ilaria Ramelli & David Konstan, Terms for Eternity: Aiônios and Aïdios in Classical and Christian Texts. Gorgias Press, 2007

Paperback version now available … _rhf_p_t_1

Here’s a review:

And here’s the authors’ response to the review:

Table of Contents v

Preface vii

Introduction 1

1 Classical Literature from the Archaic to the Hellenistic Period 5

a) The Presocratics 6
b) Plato and Platonism 12
c) Aristotle and Hellenistic Philosophy 28

2 From the Septuagint to the New Testament 37

a) The Hebrew Bible and the Septuagint 37
b) Around the Time of Christ 50
c) The New Testament 57

3 The Early Church Fathers and their Contemporaries 71

a) Non-Christian Writers of the Early Empire 71
b) Early Christian and Christianizing Texts 82
c) From Tatian to Clement of Alexandria 95
d) Origen 116

4 Church Fathers after Origen 129

a) From Gregory the Thaumaturge to Athanasius 129
b) The Cappadocian Fathers 172
c) Evagrius to Maximus the Confessor 199
d) Anti-Origenist Writers from Methodius to Epiphanius 226

5 Conclusion 237

Bibliography 241
Index 255

My church doing a talk on Hell

Does the book show historical uses of aionios referring to things that would end? If it does, I’d be interested in buying it.


It’s been 7 years since I’ve read it but from memory, it does :slight_smile:


Well, I ordered the book yesterday. Hopefully it provides some good universalist ‘ammo’.