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The "2nd Coming of Christ" shall happen in 2040


So some of you know me and know that I teach about the coming of Christ in 2040.

I was able to determine that the Bible is informing believers of that date and time. I don’t have it all figured out yet, but I do have the year.

That year is 2040. That shall be the end of the 120 jubilee cycles. The Last Jubilee was in 1991. Please read my article at the following link for more information (a free site as much as I could make it): … t-jubilee/

Your thoughts on the subject?

I know some may interject and say we can’t know the day or hour but I do have a link that covers that topic also: … us-christ/


Well I guess that would make me a little over 80 years old, so maybe I’ll see it from below or maybe from above… if you’re right. Lots of people have figured this out and they’ve all been mistaken so far. :wink: Maybe you’ll be the one. Interesting article, though.


Yes, many have gotten it wrong. But the Lord’s sheep will know the time.

1Th 5:4 But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.

So someone is going to get it right :wink:


I think that the only way “someone is going to get it right” is if someone predicts His coming in each and every year from now until He does come.



You know these Second Coming predictions are a dime and dozen these days and this is no exception. It’s written in the Bible that no one knows the time when the Son is coming so I have no clue as to why people even bother?


And I do wonder if setting a date 22 years from now gives me 21 years to sin my butt off before repenting. :laughing:


Or it gives me 21 years, to talk about the tribulation and the Zombie Apocalypse :wink:

I am performing a great service - for humanity. :smiley:


That is not what your Bible says. I have written about that: … us-christ/


What makes you so sure that anyone can guarantee when God will grant them repentance?


Ahh, because it has already happened… Christ came and did what He said he would do with the destruction of the second temple. :open_mouth:


Read Josephus’s account of the destruction of Jerusalem. He give it in detail. The Jews were getting along fine with the Romans until the Zealots began to make attacks on the Romans. That is why the Roman army moved in. Why didn’t Josephus see Jesus when He returned? He says nothing about his appearing at the time. And why didn’t anyone else see Him so that His coming would have been recorded in history books?

The writer of Revelation had a vision that he described in detail. At one point in his vision, he saw Jesus returning:

Immediately afterward, he predicts that when He does come EVERYONE will see Him! It will not be a secret coming, but EVERYONE will know that it is He!

Paul also wrote that the Lord Jesus would not come until the “lawless one” (the “beast” or “antichrist”) is revealed to the people of the world:


:confused: :laughing:


Paidion, I look at the question of the second coming in a different manner. Andrew Perriman says this:

I agree.


Well, actually, I did not say that I was ‘so sure’ of anything - those are your words.
More to the point, I was obviously jesting; God wants all men to repent NOW, and for a person to ‘plan’ on repenting after 21 more years of willful sinning is just silly.

Your point in the quote above is a good one.


You just shot yourself in the foot with the Perfect tense. That means that the action of not knowing is completed in the past and continuing as of now until the Second Coming. That means that the not knowing is still being continued.


Josephus DID see Jesus… but like the rest he just didn’t perceive the poignant gravity such as he was witnessing, i.e., he wasn’t a believer so such wouldn’t have been present in his mind to give direct acknowledgement etc. Besides this, Jesus himself had this to say…

<ἔγνως> egnōs = to know… perceive, discern, conclude.

Well, I think you are being a little more than disingenuous when one considers the very “history books” of Eusebius Pamphili of Caesarea (AD. 264-339) whose record does indeed quote Josephus himself, giving this testimony…

Coming from you, given your previously professed positions on Revelation these quotes above carry absolutely no weight of credible argument at all…

"]Don’t quote Revelation to me. It was a disputed book in the early church.

"]I think we cannot establish doctrines or beliefs based on that book.

From the fulfilled perspective there are two likely candidates for this character… Nero or the then ruling High Priest. It is worthy of note too that Paul states the likelihood of a falsely sanctioned “epistle” circulating THEN purporting to carry apostolic credence — what a ridiculous thing for Paul to say IF said situation was not on their immediate horizon, but supposedly some 2000+yrs and counting down the road. :unamused:


Good post, Paidon!

They didn’t see Jesus coming in 70 AD…because He didn’t. :exclamation:

In judgement, perhaps, but not in glory & power & every eye seeing Him, the resurrection of the dead, & judgement of the nations, etc

Pantelism/Full Preterism has missed the mark.

“Full preterists… are even so bold as to say that we are living in the new heavens and the new Earth (talked about in Revelation 21-22).”

“Of course, they have to abandon the plain understanding of the Scriptures to try and explain what John really meant when he said “there shall no longer be any death…mourning, or crying, or pain” in Rev. 21:4.”


Your understanding of a Perfect Tense is flawed. Realize that your imposing a future context to the meaning to say that nobody could know until the second coming. A Perfect Tense is something completed and continues to the Present. But the “PRESENT” is the context in which it was stated. The Apostles would LATER be given the Holy Spirit which is the Spirit of the Father in Heaven and come to know.


Some here might become QUITE UPSET if I DIDN"T share the opinion - of the Calvinist site, Got Questions: :laughing:

Is it possible to know when Jesus is coming back?

Let me quote a bit - from their answer. :smiley:

Notice that it says:

THEN is it ALSO POSSIBLE, that God revealed to the Zombie Apocalypse video producer- what will happen during the tribulation. :smiley:


Well, Davo, none of the “history” you’ve quoted stated that Christ returned in A.D. 70.
There is a HUGE difference between Christ’s prediction of the destruction of Jerusalem around A.D. 70 and Christ’s LACK of prediction of His second coming at that destruction.
It still remains that there is not an IOTA of historical evidence that Christ returned in A.D. 70
And you suggest that is it I who is being disingenuous?