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The first christmas



No, the first Christmas wasn’t the birth of Christ. In fact, the birth of Christ wasn’t a Christmas (Christ’s mass) at all.

The first Christmas took place in the fourth century when the catholic (universal) church held three masses in honour of the three births of Christ:

  1. His birth before all ages (Revelation 3:14)
  2. His birth from the virgin, Mary (Luke 2:7)
  3. His birth in the hearts of the faithful (Galatians 4:18)


I don’t see how text 1 supports a birth.


Perhaps not. But I suspect that it may be the source of the 4th century catholic explanation. We read in the NT writings that Jesus is the “only begotten Son.” That which is begotten must also become born. I suspect that they understood “the beginning of God’s creation” as meaning God giving birth to His Son as the first of His acts. We know that Jesus wasn’t created (in the sense that all other living beings were created). However, the Greek word translated “creation” (according to the lexicons) can mean "the act of founding, establishing, building, etc.


Yes, thanks for the info and I hope you and yours enjoy the break this year.


Ah…the “First Break” perhaps??


Yes. I think I’ve lost track of what ‘Christmas’ means to me and don’t want to assume I know what others make of it - even Christians.
But whatever happens I guess it will be ‘a little out of the ordinary’ for everyone and so a break from the routine. Whether that is a WELCOME break is another matter. I think many are content to survive christmas.
Will you enjoy yours Dave?


Yep, and we still call it Christmas, but with a different meaning than the technical one, out of deference to most of my family that aren’t aware of the technical sense. In other words, when we say “Christmas” we MEAN the story around Christ’s birth as related in the Bible. It works just fine for us. Warm fuzzies, good will toward men, ‘round yon Virgin mother and child’, the Hallelujah Chorus, Charles Dickens’ Christmas stories, COOKIES, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Let Nothing You Dismay, Remember Christ our Savior was born on Christmas Day" - like that.
I guess we could call it something different, but why?


I came from a situation where ‘Christmas’ became taboo. “It was not in the Bible” I was told, and the Christmas tree was seen as a affront to God, via Jeramiah’s talk about trees.

When people can come together and have something to rally around we are all truly much better.

My wife and I now celebrate Christmas as a time of bringing family and friends together. There is love, and love is what I believe God is truly about. I hope you all can find that peace.

Enough said.


To Dave,

Channing arrived.

Thank you.