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The Good News: a Modern Christian Apology



I wrote this last year. It’s available in various places, including Waterstones and Amazon. I haven’t sold any copies yet, though, so I wondered if some of you might be prepared to read it and give me your honest opinions. I could send you a copy free of charge or just provide the text as an attachment.

Many thanks



Hi Robert
It certainly seems like a fascinating book from what I’ve read here: … 1526205874

But I cannot find a retail source in the UK yet.
God bless


Many thanks.

That’s odd. You should be able to get it from several sources, and I just tested and Waterstone’s. Please see the attached.
If you still have problems, however, please let me know and I’ll report the issue. In the meantime, I could then either send you an electronic version or post you a copy.

God bless


PS Love the picture of Alastair Sim; he was a great Scrooge
PPS Plato’s quotation of Socrates is also a favourite; I used it at my father’s funeral.
The Good News.docx (834 KB)


Sounds right up my alley!

Regarding your argument for the soul’s existence, do you make the argument from reason? I have found the AFR to be the only compelling natural theology argument.

Also, I can’t find your book on Amazon.



Thank you.

I’ve attached a Word document with some links. Please do tell me, though, if you continue to have problems.

The arguments about the soul are two logical proofs based on the nature of consciousness, using two gedank experiments.

God bless you

The Good News.docx (10.9 KB)


On Amazon here in the U.S it says the book is unavailable.


This is what I get: … an+Apology



Hmm. I’ve gone to Amazon to ask why some of you are getting out of stock messages, but I don’t.

For those having search problems, I’d recommend just clicking on the hyperlinks I sent you instead - please see the Word document attached.

God bless and many thank you for your patience.

The Good News.docx (11 KB)


Thanks, those links work and show it as available in the uk.
Its curious that if I search Amazon uk for “The Good News: a modern Christian Apology” or “A modern Christian Apology” it does not appear. It only seems to appear if I include your name.

I have read some of the available pages online and feel it is well written. The topics you deal with are very wide-ranging and I am intrigued as to your background and qualifications.

I infer from page 375 that you believe that the age of miracles ended in the first century CE. Am I correct in my inference? Are you concluding that there has been not one single miraculous event in the subsequent years?


Robert, could you tell me what positions you defend on the topics you cover in the book?


Qaz & Pilgrim

Thank you for your interest. It’s very much appreciated.

The answers to your questions will be found in the book. And if you let me have an address each, I’ll happily arrange for a copy to sent to you each of you free of charge, if you agree to let me have some constructive feedback. I haven’t sold any copies yet and would value your input.

As regards my background, I’ve been a Christian for 43 years and was confirmed as an Anglican in my teens. After then I attended a local Pentecostal church and then a Baptist church when I was at university studying English. I also have A levels in Divinity and Biology and have spent decades deepening my knowledge in these and other areas to enable me to write the book. I also used my scientific knowledge to acquire US and UK patents for a ‘homeostatic insulin pump’ I designed.

Perhaps you wouldn’t mind telling me a bit about yourselves.

God bless you



Hi Robert
Thank you for your reply.
I am 59 yrs old, I live in North Yorkshire. My Dad was a Pentecostal minister and I have attended Pentecostal, FIEC, Anglican and Baptist Churches. At present I am helping out at the local Salvation Army Core and trying to support inter-denominational outreach.
I would describe myself as a hopeful evangelical universalist. In my youth I obtained a BSc in Mathematics and have taught at secondary school level for more years than I care to remember. I have devoted much of my spare time to studying scripture and Christian Theology. I have read an English translation of the Quran and would like to know more about the other major religions but time is limited. I have two daughters, one is a lecturer and Director of studies at a Bible College (married to an aspiring Anglican minister) and the other has just started teaching.

I appreciate your very kind offer but I feel that I would not do the task justice. I am interested in your interpretation of Daniel’s prophecies and what I infer is a cessationist standpoint (possibly Preterist?) which is why I asked the question at the end of my post:

God bless you



I was raised Catholic. Went through a period of unbelief before coming back to Christ, only this time as a protestant (non-denominational). I used to be a strong believer in ET, and it got bad, to the point that I was miserable all the time, thinking about the souls of the damned being tormented and their situation never getting better. Eventually I discovered annihilationism. I wasn’t sure if ET or anni was the truth, but I thought I was certain that universalism was merely baseless wishful thinking. I found this forum, tried to refute universalism on here, and realized I might be wrong about soteriology. I stuck around, read the best universalist books (Talbott’s TILOG; Reitan and Kronen’s GFV), and have become a convinced universalist.

I have no formal theological education. My bachelors degree is in Political Science. Aside from soteriology, my big interests are political philosophy and metaphysics.



I’d be happy for you to just review the chapter on miracles, if you like?

I do broadly believe that there are no miracles after the end of the apostolic age, apart from those signalled in prophecies before then. The latter would of course include Christ’s parousia and the Day of Judgement.

God bless




You are very kind and I appreciate your offer but, as I said earlier, I don’t think I could do the job justice. My own interpretation of scripture leads me away from both Preterism and Cessationism. My view of the prophecies in Daniel are very different to yours and so I do not believe that I am the man for the job.

God bless you



Actually, you should exchange that offer, for giving a written review on Amazon - in exchange. Just sharing a tip, that the professionals use (NOT that I’m one, mind you. But I know what they do, on the marketing side). :smiley: