The Topography Of Divine Love: A Response To Jeff Jordan


Talbott’s article will be published in the next issue of Faith and Philosophy, but he has also made it available on his website: … ersion.pdf

God's Love: Different from Ours?

Okay I’m going to go an have a look even though my DH is watching the latest Bond, and it’s rather distracting. :frowning: :laughing:

But who is Jeff Jordan?



I assume this is him … n/bio.html


Things are exploding. Surely it can’t last much longer . . .


Great paper by Thomas Talbott – I really do love his writing. :smiley:


Unfortunately, I removed the link to this paper when I discovered a confusion in the paper that I needed to correct, and I was unaware that people here had been referencing it. So here is a working link to my personal website and a typescript copy of the paper, which was published in the July, 2013, issue of Faith and Philosophy:

Sorry for any difficulties I may have inadvertently created in this matter.