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I use to be partial to my own web site (but not so much any more.)

What are some of your favorite universalist web sites? :stuck_out_tongue: is a mixed bag, some brilliant stuff, and some more questionable stuff, in a confusing layout. Please don’t get me wrong, God used it as a stepping stone for me to get here. Also Gary knows it needs a face-lift and has been working on a new one for years, ironically called

One of out members has made and

You made

I’m planning two websites at the moment (awesome to get such a short domain name!) and

One of my favourites (and my intro to UR)

Lots of free books and articles under the ‘Teachings’ menu item.

The Ministry of Charles and Paula Slagle

I just read the following quote at the “Biblical Universalism” site:

I am part of a circle of fellowship which has churches in Canada, U.S.A., the East Carribean, Africa, and many other parts of the world. Although this Circle does not consider itself to be a “denomination”, but rather an expression of Christ’s church, the leaders believe and sometimes teach, or at least refer to, the ultimate reconciliation of all people to God.

Can you give us more information about this circle of fellowship?

Does it have a name?

A web site?

Is it Charismatic, premil, postmil, amil?

Is it Trinitarian, Oneness, Arian?

Is there any contact infomation?

Please, tell us more.

One of my favorites doesn’t actually exist anymore, sadly. It was, which contained the writing of Ken Eckerty, plus links to other good stuff. You can still find Ken’s articles in various places on the internet; just do a search under “Ken Eckerty”.

Correction: this website has re-appeared!

Blogs of EUs:
Robin Parry (Gregory MacDonald)
Richard Beck
Tony Jones

I’m sure there are many more… :slight_smile:

Possible domain names which I nearly bought, but then thought “who am I kidding, I’ll never get the time to do these properly”

Perhaps somewhat disturbingly, in the “Also Available” section for godlovesyoutoomuch was listed godbedyoutoomuch…

Also, I thought about hellisnotfinal, and a suggestion for hellisnotfinal was hellisnotexam

Hmmm. Worthy options…

In all seriousness, though, I think if someone does think of making an “evangelistic” EU site - telling the good news to those who don’t believe any part of it - I hope they choose a domain name which would actually attract unbelievers, rather than using terms they wouldn’t search for.

Actually, anyone reading this, can you tell me out of the 3 above, which would be your choice of domain name for attracting unbelievers? Can you think of something better? (I do have an idea in mind.)

I agree, although is awesome because it’s short, not everyone knows what ECT is.

:laughing: I read almost everything.


What about:

Good News About God site:

In my opinion this site is a mixed bad - some very good and some very strange stuff. I found a few of Lorraine’s posted studies to be helpful and even printed them for my high school / college kids to read.

I am setting one where I will translate some EU writings into Spanish. The Spanish speaking community needs to hear about the good news.

Good work Ricky. This will help me explain to my spanish speaking friends and neighbours here in Barcelona. I have a friend who is a Christian publisher (in spanish). I reckon he’s pretty open to EU ideas, so maybe I should introduce you…

Thanks Ricky_13, I think your work could benefit many people :sunglasses:

completerestorationinchrist. … s-not.html … nt-it.html … Links.html
thetencommandmentsministry.u … e/whence…. … y72804.pdf … iversalism … ionios.htm … e_eternity … y72804.pdf … iversalism … y72804.pdf … xplnd2.htm … ketch.html … hp?t=33973 … /index.cfm … nt-it.html … or=||KNOCH, … clnk&gl=ca

A newish site not listed above is one of my favorites featuring the works and sermons of Peter Hiett (there’s at least one thread already here on Peter). He was an Evangelical Presbyterian pastor who was “defrocked” and fired about 4 years ago for his UR and now has an independent church in Denver called The Sanctuary Downtown. Here’s a quote from their website:

Also Gerry Beauchemin has sponsored a brand new site called:

Not to be confused (but it will be) with etc.,(!!) This site specifically reveals how UR is being intuitively constructed and supported by some of the very evangelical leaders who claim to be against it (Reformed and Arminian; Driscoll, Keller, McKnight etc.,) It is attempting to show how as separate parts of the Body of Christ “we don’t have it all together …but together we have it all” (Arminianism + Calvinism + Missional + Charismatic etc.,= Ultimate Reconciliation!)

Now they are listed too. Thanks for the additions to my list. :slight_smile:

I have to say, is one of my favourite UR sites! :smiley:


I don’t know how to use the quote button so I apologize. I just wanted to mention that I AGREE whole-heartedly with YOU regarding the website Dr. Lorraine Day was my father’s physician at the time of his death AND she personally (ten years ago) introduced myself and my father to UR. What she said at the time (a 5 hour conversation) just clicked for me. It was like the missing piece to this huge puzzle. I will ALWAYS be grateful to her for that. Furthermore, she had been my mother’s rommate in boarding school way back in the day, so she had a history with my family. BUT, her website like you say, is a mixed bag. There is an awful lot of conspiracy theories on her site AND she comes across as downright mean at times. I am grateful to her for introducing me to UR, but after my own studying reading, etc., I no longer can follow her brand of UR. Not enough love, more anti-semitism, more propaganda on politics, and definitely no love for one such as myself. I have been very disappointed in her site personally. It promotes way too much fear for MY liking. Now others may find it very helpful. I just don’t like living in the fear that is created when I read her site. And believe me, I think I’ve read every word on there!! So, just sayin’ I agree with you, but I also worry that “newbies” to UR might be led astray or find it not so “Good News” after reading that praticular website. :cry:

Just my two cents, for what it’s worth,

It’s already been listed, but Gary Siglers kingdom resources page (at has been a goldmine for me for years. I still haven’t exhausted it and it’s been YEARS of DAILY reading.