Values Added: What the Hell?


Here is a discussion on Hell and Universalism with the title of the subject heading… Values Added: What the Hell?

between Eric Reitan (author of “Is God A Delusion: A Reply to Religion’s Cultured Despisers”) and Kathryn Gin of Princeton: a historian interested in the idea of hell as expressed in American history…

Eric Reitan is a name that’s popped up here from time to time, and it was our own Jason P who introduced me to him on this thread called:

“Eric Reitan, pro-universalist author, excerpt from new book”

This is a very interesting discussion, built around Bells book, but ranging much further afield, between two very informed and intelligent people. I must warn however that Reitan appears to be very camera phobic and out of his preferred environment. I’d advise listening but not watching!

More ripples from Bell’s book…



Thanks Bobx3, I’m watching it now, and it’s good so far :sunglasses:

Particularly interesting around (06:39) where they discuss “The difference between fanaticism and conviction”.

Mentions our Robin at 27:25 :slight_smile:

Like the functionality of the site, might have a look to see what else I can find there.


Brilliant discussion, we should invite them both over here! Does anyone know them? i.e. people are more likely to come if invited by someone they know… :slight_smile:

A small sample of the interesting points:
Has Twitter raised hell? (04:05)
The difference between fanaticism and conviction (06:39)
The controversy over Pastor Rob Bell’s rejection of hell (07:15)
Is Osama Bin Laden in heaven or hell? (08:33)
Does goodness depend on the threat of eternal damnation? (08:54)
The power of hell in American history (10:12)

Will this new wave of universalism be squashed? (around 45)
Psychological damage to people now because of ECT (45:20)
Some abolitionists where CUs! (around 48)


If I remember right, Reitan was one of the contributing authors in Universal Salvation? The current debate. In which Tom Talbott had a large amount of input, and which was published by our own Robin Parry.